Hack: Cool desktop app to greatly reduce video file size

I found this really useful and very effective desktop app used to drastically reduce video file size without compromising video quality. I’ve been using it regularly and my YouTube uploads have been way much faster ever since.

The app is called Handbrake and you can download it for free from https://handbrake.fr

Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to reduce your video file size using Handbrake.


Cyberslacking in the Philippine corporate culture

Photo Credit: couriermail.com.au

CYBERSLACKING, according to Wikipedia, refers to “staff who use their work internet access for personal reasons while maintaining the appearance of working.” It is also known as “goldbricking, “Buca-ing” cyberloafing or cyberbludging.”

Nowadays cyberslacking is most associated with social media, online games, and personal email. Read more