How to make a perfect Facebook cover page and profile photo

FOR ALL the Facebook addicts out there, here are the secret measurements to making  your perfect Facebook cover page and profile photo.

I got this from this cool article: The Ultimate, Complete, and Final Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you want to make a career out of your Facebook account, you better check out this website as it offers more precious Facebook secrets and much more.

How are Smartphones Being Used?

I FOUND this interesting infographic early this year (2012). It was based on an actual survey conducted in the US some time last year (2011).

I wonder if this is still accurate? If I use my personal usage of my iPhone as basis I know that text messaging is no longer the primary reason I use my smartphone.

I tried to rank and break down (rough estimate only) my smartphone usage, as follows:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn) – 20%
  2. E-MAIL, CHAT – 18%
  3. READING NEWS & FEATURES (News Sites, Tweeter, Feeds) 15%
  4. READING E-BOOKS – 12%
  6. TAKING PHOTOS – 8 %
  10. OTHERS – 3%

I wonder if it is still accurate and even proper to call smartphones as such. I am contemplating on proposing that we already drop the “phone” from smartphone and replace it with the more generic “handheld.”

But even smart handhelds may not last too long. I can imagine that in the not so distant future we may not even need to hold these devices on our hands.

So maybe we should start calling them the even more generic “smart devices”?


The anatomy of gossip

THIS IS so true. Or probably reality is even worse than this. Not only do people reneg on their promise not to tell, they also embellish the facts – whether deliberately or not.

What I am extremely curious to know about is how Social Media plays into this. What role does gossip have, if any, in the age of Social Media? Or should it be the other way around? – What is Social Media’s role in the anatomy of gossip?

Now I get it why some Super Heroes ignore my friend requests on FaceBook

ASIDE FROM THE fact that they are all inherently anti social in the first place (why else are they wearing masks if they aren’t?), this is the primary reason why SOME of my favorite Super Heroes are NOT in my friends list in FaceBook.  I also now understand why until now they haven’t “followed” me on Twitter.

Read the original post here.

On the other hand, while it is quiet obvious why the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine could neither be my FB friends nor my Twitter followers, can somebody explain to me why Darna continues to ignore my “friend requests”?

Cyberslacking in the Philippine corporate culture

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CYBERSLACKING, according to Wikipedia, refers to “staff who use their work internet access for personal reasons while maintaining the appearance of working.” It is also known as “goldbricking, “Buca-ing” cyberloafing or cyberbludging.”

Nowadays cyberslacking is most associated with social media, online games, and personal email. Read more

Online Fatigue | Book Marathon

“The greatest truths are the simplest. †And so are the greatest men.” ~ Julius Charles Hare


I’ve been experiencing bouts of what I call ONLINE FATIGUE this past few weeks. †Although I manage to tweet some and blog some, each attempt is a major struggle and a huge effort. †I’m just so sick and tired of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and anything that has to do with social media.

I hope this is just temporary because I have started quite a number of online advocacy projects in which I have recruited some friends to join me. †Now that they have committed themselves to our projects I just can’t simply leave them hanging in the air, can I? Read more