Metal Sculpture Depicting History of Philippine Logistics

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THIS METAL sculpture rightfully belongs to a museum. It was made by one of Philippines’ national artists (note to self: find out who exactly is the national artist who did this masterpiece). It also depicts and symbolizes the beginnings and the history of the country’s logistics industry, a sector instrumental in the advancements of the country’s commerce and trade.

In the meantime his artistic masterpiece hangs by the wall in the staircase of the headquarters of Delbros Group in Parañaque City.

Parañaque’s Golezeums

I first saw it a couple of months ago when I paid a visit to our subdivision’s homeowners association office to pay for our monthly association dues.

The previously paved but uncovered open area adjacent to our subdivision’s tiny clubhouse cum office now has a roof. And it looks beautiful. Suddenly a functional auditorium “slash” basketball court “slash” community center is right there in the middle of our subdivision.

That’s when I noticed the sign board in front: “GOLEZEUM Under Construction”

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