Who is Gertrude of Arabia?

Who is Gertrude of Arabia?

HAVE YOU heard of Gertrude of Arabia? We’ve probably all heard of Lawrence, but Gertrude? I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard of her because I also did not know anything about her until recently.

She’s supposed to be  the woman who literally invented Iraq. How’s that? Read more

Mt. Arayat Day Hike

Situated in the middle of the vast plains of Pampanga, Bulacan, and Nueva Ecija, Mt. Arayat stands there proud and inviting.

Every time I pass by the North Luzon Expressway on my way to Bataan, or farther north either westward to Ilocos or Baguio, or eastward to my home province of Isabela, Mt. Arayat seems to speak to me with a jeer.  “You claim to love climbing mountains but you haven’t even climbed me, and I’m just here right by your doorstep!” it seems to tell me in my face.

I’ve been wanting to climb Mt. Arayat for at least two years now.  There have been several failed plans to climb it, the last one was supposedly set on the last Saturday of November 2010. Read more