Christmas is in the… skyscrapers


THIS IS not a particularly good photo if I must say so. However, considering that I took it with just my iPhone camera through my car’s windshield while driving on top of the Buendia flyover… I’d say it is not half as bad after all.

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Laughter and Gossip at Tapella. And food, too.

I haven’t been doing much of FOOD blogging for quite some time now. In fact I haven’t been doing much of ANY blogging at all since November last year. Time to break the dry spell. And what better subject to break a dry spell than food?

On Sept 28 I had a dinner date with five ladies at Tapella in Greenbelt 5. They are former colleagues of mine and I call them the xACIS ladies. Of course one of them happens to be my xGF, too. Read more

A rare reunion. A send-off for Dyk.

Exactly a month ago today, I attended a rare and almost impromptu reunion with former colleagues and good friends from my ACI/IBM days.  A very dear friend, Dyk Raymundo, was to leave the country for New Zealand in less than two weeks.  He’ll be joined there by his wife Jen shortly after and, together, they’ll try and establish a new life for themselves in the land of the Kiwis.  For good. Read more

Jolly Trike — the next generation Jolly Jeep?

I had to roll down my car window the other night and snap a quick photo at the scene right in the middle of the “island” along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) just a meter or two from the Gil Puyat-Ayala intersection.

Not a few people were surrounding what seemed to me like a motorcycle with some sort of a side car.  Indeed it was a motorcycle with a sidecar.  But it was parked right there in the middle of the “island.”. And the people surrounding it were not about to ride it.  They were buying… FOOD!  They were eating right there and then, too! Read more

Christmas is in the air… And in the lights, too!

The simple yet elegant and eye-catchy Christmas decoration of the Cash and Carry mall near the corner of South Luzon Expressway and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia) caught my eyes.   I was approaching the Buendia Flyover on my way to Makati yesterday at around 7:30 in the evening when I saw it for the first time.

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