Apple finally found a worthy challenger?

PRESENTING… (drumroll)… the PEAR!


IT TOOK me a while to figure out what was wrong with the supposed MacBook on Carly’s lap in the photo.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when it finally dawned on me that the logo on her “MacBook” isn’t that of a bitten apple. So I guess that is not a MacBook after all.

Very subtly funny.

Nice one, Carly!

Finally, a decent enough electronic signature solution

EVERYBODY can probably relate to the difficulty in having to e-mail a signed letter.

I don’t know about you but these are the steps I usually do when I need to e-mail a copy of a letter (or any document for that matter) that requires my signature scribbled onto it:

  1. Prepare the letter using my favorite word processing software (hint: not Microsoft Word)
  2. Print the letter.
  3. Sign the letter.
  4. Scan the signed letter.
  5. E-mail the signed letter.

Five steps.  It doesn’t seem too bad, does it? Except when good old Murphy gets in the way and… Read more

Two Bored “Aliens”

WAIT these are not aliens.  These are my kids, Johan and Marielle!

These are the sort of stuff that one might get while in a 3-hour no-frills flight with two bored kids and a MacBook.

I quite accidentally discovered these in my Mac’s hard drive when I was wondering why my storage usage seemed approximately 2GB more than expected.

I randomly chose these from almost a thousand of photos taken from my Mac’s Photo Booth.

Mobile Me!

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I am loving the freedom that mobility is allowing me.

Ever since we moved our offices from South Harbor in port area Manila to PASCOR Drive near NAIA in Paranaque, I have refused every attempt by our management to assign me a permanent office.  I am very much entitled to one, but I have deliberately opted out.

Without an office of my own I work practically anywhere.  Most of the time I would take our conference room for my own.  Or I would take an absent colleague’s desk.  A lot of time I work outside — in coffee shops, food courts… even inside my car while parked. Read more

Thank Goodness I Don’t Have a Blackberry


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I FOUND this very intriguing and mega provocative article on entitled, “You gotta choose: †Your Blackberry or Your Wife?”


It is catchy, alright, and it sounds very funny, too. †The only problem is, for most people it is too close to reality for comfort. †And I know a lot of these people — young and not so young urban professionals and businessmen and women who are neck-deep in their high tech gizmos and gadgetry. Read more

2008 was the year I devoured the Apple


I LOVE ANYTHING APPLE! †Apple Juice, Apple Pie, Apple-flavored candy, Green Apple, Red Apple, California Apple, Fuji Apple, and so on and so forth.


I have been a big fan of Steve Job’s Apple, too, since the early 90’s when Microsoft was also just starting to make waves. †I am a fan of Apple primarily because I am a fan of Steve Jobs. †I find Jobs very amusing.† I was secretly rooting for him to overtake Bill Gates as the richest and most successful technology icon of our time.† I still am. Read more