Extreme Family Adventures in the Sand Dunes of Laoag (video)

Extreme Family Adventures in the Sand Dunes of Laoag (video)

LAOAG CITY. MAY 2, 2014. – It’s the second and last day of our Ilocos family road trip. We just visited the bell tower ruins of Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. Our next stop in our very busy itinerary for the day: the sand dunes of La Paz in Laoag City.

We arrived in the sand dunes of Laoag City around 1:00PM. Not the ideal time to do any of the activities waiting for us in the sand dunes. We know that all too well but we really did not have much choice. That was the only available time for us to visit the place.

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Pink Panther on Piano by Johan Saculles (video)

Pink Panther on Piano by Johan Saculles (video)

JOHAN PLAYED the cool “Pink Panther” theme music during his most recent piano recital. Please check it out.

For his second piece Johan played “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

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Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

DURING OUR family’s visit to General Santos City and South Cotabato last month (May 24-25) we got to visit the famous Seven Falls of Lake Sebu, courtesy of our good friends: Kuya Bob Gerada and the still honeymooning couple, Ryan and Liezel Briones.

Marielle and Nikka as they are about to take off in tandem.
Marielle and Nikka as they are about to take off in tandem.

Needless to say, Marielle (almost 11 yo) and Johan (9 yo) were ecstatic to find out that another zipline adventure awaited them in Lake Sebu.

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Counting Stars by OneRepublic, cover by Johan Saculles (video)

A NO-GUILT plug for my kiddo’s great performance during the Summer Voice & Piano Recitals at Merville Sacred Heart School.

Please watch and share. Thanks.

And please bear with the bad lighting. That’s the lousy videographer’s (me) fault. :)

Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan!

Zamboanga Restaurant | Malate

Zamboanga Restaurant | Malate

ZAMBOANGA RESTAURANT was recently featured on Kris TV, according to Marielle. Kris was apparently impressed and gladly endorsed it in her show.

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Tech Kids

THIS PHOTO was taken approximately one year ago, some time in December 2011.

Back then, our kids, Marielle (8 at the time) and Johan (6 at the time) would still borrow their mom’s and dad’s iPads or laptops whenever they wanted to play or look up something in Google or You Tube. Now we practically have to borrow our iPads from them. They have also grown so comfortable and proficient with computers that they automatically just google stuff that interests them. Read more

Resort-Hopping in Mactan Island. Second Stop: Plantation Bay

FOR the second stop of our family’s 2-nights-and-2-days resort-hopping in Cebu we went to Plantation Bay.

My xxGF and I first visited Plantation Bay in 2000, right after we terminated our “going steady” relationship and went “permanent.”  No we did not have our honeymoon in Plantation Bay.  We just dropped by for some refreshments.

Fast-forward 2011.  The Plantation Bay I saw in 2000 impressed me a lot, so I had very high expectations when I finally got to visit it again in February this year. Read more

Resort-Hopping in Mactan Island. First Stop: Crimson Resort & Spa

FOR our annual family vacation this year we took advantage of my xxGF’s PAL Mabuhay Miles and booked the whole family a trip to Cebu.

Crimson Resort & SpaWe were to stay in Cebu for approximately two nights and 1.5 days only.  Nevertheless, we managed to sufficiently explore and enjoy two very nice resort-hotels in Mactan Island in that very limited time, thanks to the practice my xxGF and myself had during our Holy Land Pilgrimage in November last year where we toured four countries in 15 days (and stayed in nine different hotels in that short time span!).

Our first stop:  Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan. Read more