Infatuated with the iPad Mini; Drooling over the iPhone 5.

I GOT to touch and hold both the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 earlier this week, courtesy of my boss, Ed Delgado, who just bought his new “toys” in Singapore over the weekend.

The iPad Mini is so much lighter than expected. I knew all along it will be a lot lighter than the previous iPads (I have both the original iPad and the second generation iPad 2) but I didn’t expect it to be extremely light! Gee, it’s almost as light as my first-gen iPhone!

While in Singapore on November 8 Ed texted me to say that he just bought his new 16GB iPad Mini (WiFi) for just US375 and offered to buy one for me if I was interested. Read more

My favorite e-book reader

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I love reading my e-books on my iPad because to me it offers the best of many worlds insofar as reading books are concerned.

First, it feels a lot like reading a real book. Often I would even forget that I am reading on my iPad, so much so that I would try to grab the lower right corner to flip a page.

Second, it allows me access to any of my e-books on a whim.

Third it offers a lot of the sophisticated features: highlighting, bookmarking, built-in dictionary, font-size adjustment, etc.

And third, it is not just an e-book reader. It is also a browser, a gaming console, calculator, photo album, image editor, calendar, notes, and so on an so forth.

But the iPad is not my favorite e-book reader. Read more

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

RIP, Steve.


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Six Thirsty at Container

ON MAY 5, a Thursday, some colleagues and friends at work decided to go for a couple of buckets of San Mig Light at “Container,” our favorite after-office hang out near Malate Church, along Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

About a dozen watering holes built to look like cargo containers stacked side by side comprise  “Container.” Our favorite spot is the open air “veranda” on top of one of the “container” resto-bars.

We arrived at “Container” at exactly six thirsty (6:30 PM).  Perfect. Read more

Garmin StreetPilot GPS… on iPhone!

This is going to be a “Killer” application here in the Philippines… if it will work here in the Philippines, that is.  I can’t wait to find out.

At first glance it may seem pricey at $40 (approx Php 1,800).  But hey, that’s peanuts compared to the current cost of typical on-board vehicle GPS navigation systems (the cheapest I canvassed as of December 2010 costs Php 12K — and that’s even second hand). Read more

Here comes Google’s E-Books Store

eBooks get another major boost with the opening of Google’s eBooks Store.  Bookworms all over the world are surely delighted.

I for one is very excited about this.  I love iBook on my iPad/iPhone but I welcome this new development.  As they say, the more the merrier.  It is the customers that ultimately win when there are more choices. Read more

Using a BlackBerry? Here are some useful Battery-saving Tips

I’m not a big fan of the “Double B” but I have lots of friends who are.  Quite a number of colleagues are also on BB.  They should find these tips from very useful.

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Prof. Sunil Choopra’s reflections on Technology, Supply Chains, and Income Distribution

Prof. Sunil ChoopraHere’s a very insightful analysis of current business trends by noted professor and author, Sunil Choopra.

Reflections on Technology, Supply Chains and Income Distribution | CIO – Blogs and Discussion. Read more

Mobile Me!

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I am loving the freedom that mobility is allowing me.

Ever since we moved our offices from South Harbor in port area Manila to PASCOR Drive near NAIA in Paranaque, I have refused every attempt by our management to assign me a permanent office.  I am very much entitled to one, but I have deliberately opted out.

Without an office of my own I work practically anywhere.  Most of the time I would take our conference room for my own.  Or I would take an absent colleague’s desk.  A lot of time I work outside — in coffee shops, food courts… even inside my car while parked. Read more

My latest iPhone apps ó 2nd of 2 parts

Iíve never been too much of a Game person ñ until the iPhone that is.† And for the 2nd serving of my new iPhone apps, it is no surprise that Games dominate the list.

But let me start with the one I find most useful for me in this set.

PS Mobile

This is Photo Shop on the iPhone.

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