Extreme Trail Ride

Independence Day Extreme Trail Ride

What better way to commemorate Independence day than to enjoy the liberating feeling of communing with nature at the same time that you get to play with an awesome new toy?

That’s exactly what I did on June 12, INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I joined my boss and adventure master, Ed Delgado, and two others in my first real Extreme Trail Ride.  Our playground:  the vast network of foot trails in the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal.  Our toy:  the TX125, a super agile, powerful, and very easy to handle dirt bike designed and put together by my boss himself. Read more

Patriotic Fashion


I SNAPPED this photo of a T-shirt with a nationalistic design from a mannequin on display by†Kultura in SM Manila a few days before Independence Day (June 12).

Thanks to the efforts of artists like the late Master Rapper, Francis Magallona, patriotic sentiments and nationalistic fervor are back in style. †I am not even sure if the shirts sold at Kultura carry Francis Magallona’s Makabayan brand. †Quite a number of enterprising businessmen have since joined the bandwagon. †We should welcome these developments. Read more