Tech Kids

THIS PHOTO was taken approximately one year ago, some time in December 2011.

Back then, our kids, Marielle (8 at the time) and Johan (6 at the time) would still borrow their mom’s and dad’s iPads or laptops whenever they wanted to play or look up something in Google or You Tube. Now we practically have to borrow our iPads from them. They have also grown so comfortable and proficient with computers that they automatically just google stuff that interests them. Read more

Have you heard about Google Talk Guru?

I JUST stumbled upon Google Talk Guru while scouring the Web for the lates tech news.  Apparently, Google has quietly launched Google Talk Guru recently.

Google Talk Guru is an instant message chatbot that can deliver search results and answer queries.  But unlike the traditional chatbot, Google Talk Guru doesn’t engage in conversation with users.   It simply answers queries. Read more

Here comes Google’s E-Books Store

eBooks get another major boost with the opening of Google’s eBooks Store.  Bookworms all over the world are surely delighted.

I for one is very excited about this.  I love iBook on my iPad/iPhone but I welcome this new development.  As they say, the more the merrier.  It is the customers that ultimately win when there are more choices. Read more

What’s the deal on Groupon?

I’ve never heard of Goupon until the news of an imminent multi-billion dollar acquisition by Google last week.  Now all of a sudden Groupon seems like a household word.

Groupon 2.0: More Deals and a Personalized Feed

Apparently, Groupon allows businesses create and launch their own deals whenever they want and as frequently as they want and these will be featured as the “deal of the day” in the Groupon Website.

It sounds too simple to warrant such a price tag, doesn’t it?  But it has became so popular in the US that merchants, both traditional businesses and netpreneurs, are queueing up and have to wait for months to get their deals featured in Groupon.

Now I want to learn everything about Groupon.

Gmail Feature (or is it a Bug?) with Potential Practical Value

When I started my Information Technology career as a software programmer in IBM I was taught that if the software that you created or is selling is behaving in a manner that is not as expected you always and immediately declare that “it is a feature, not a bug.”  That programmer’s mantra has served me well even long after I left IBM and ventured into other areas of interests.

And so when I recently discovered a peculiarity in my e-mail address in Gmail I immediately recognized it as a bug.  But the programmer in me instinctively went to work to find possible practical uses — and therefore value — from this Gmail bug.  And of course I found what I was looking for (It is never a bug, remember?).  So now I am declaring it a feature. Read more

Go ahead, it’s OK to cheat… but only when using Google

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Google.  I have already blogged about Google search tips and pointers at least a couple of times (see I Love Google and The Legend of Google), and I’ve personally referred to them as my personal Google Cheat Sheet.  But it is only now that I discovered that Google has, in fact, published its own Cheat Sheet. Read more

My latest iPhone apps ó 2nd of 2 parts

Iíve never been too much of a Game person ñ until the iPhone that is.† And for the 2nd serving of my new iPhone apps, it is no surprise that Games dominate the list.

But let me start with the one I find most useful for me in this set.

PS Mobile

This is Photo Shop on the iPhone.

Read more

But it’s not Google!

I FIND it†surprising that there wasn’t enough noise about the birth of Bing. †Or maybe I was just not paying attention. †Quite by chance I stumbled on “Bing” when I was googling for “Bong” (come on, don’t tell me you don’t google your name from time to time).


Being the geek that I am I couldn’t help but wonder — What are the odds that Bing will trample Google in the battle for Search Engine domination? Read more

How much is a name worth?

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

OUR GREAT grandparents would contend that a family’s name is priceless. Once the family’s name is besmirched, no amount of money is enough to restore its honor. I believe that is true.

In the world of business, a name — or more precisely, a brand name — does have a price tag. Ever wondered how much value is attached to your favorite product’s brand name?

Consider this: The value of Coca-Cola’s brand accounts for an unbelievable 60% of its market capitalization! (Well, believe it!) To graphically illustrate its implication, imagine a Coke bottle. Without its brand it is effectively half empty. Of course, optimists would argue that it is half full. :->

Apparently, however, computing for a brand’s worth is not yet an exact science. The lists I’ve seen over the recent years vary widely year-on-year, though some brands have been consistently in the list.


Here are the more recent two of these lists:

Top 10 Brands According to Research agency Millward Brown (as of 2009)

  1. Google ($100 billion)
  2. Microsoft ($76.2 B)
  3. Coca-Cola ($67.6 B)
  4. IBM ($66.6 B)
  5. McDonalds ($66.5 B)
  6. Apple ($66.1 B)
  7. China Mobile ($61.2 B)
  8. GE ($59.7 B)
  9. Vodafone ($53.7 B)
  10. Marlboro ($49.4 B)

Download Millaward Brown’s “Top 100 Brands” Report


Top 10 Brands according to (as of 2008)

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Nike
  4. Target
  5. Starbucks
  6. BMW
  7. Nintendo
  8. Whole Foods Market
  9. Disney
  10. Coca-cola


Interestingly — for me, at least — a few months back I came across this Web service that puts a value on blogs. I entered A ‘Wonderful’ Blog and it was assessed to have a value of†$3,387.24! Whoa! I was so thrilled! Of course my blog’s worth is nothing compared to some of the really popular blogs in the world.

Google, circa 1960



THIS IMAGE caught my attention†when browsing through one of my more recent e-mail newsletters from Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog.


The author proposed that this is how Google might have looked like if it was created and launched in the 60’s.




BWA-HA-HA! †Now, that’s funny! 😀