My very own Christmas Wish List

I made a list of my top 100 wishes but managed to fill only up to number 98.  All of those 98 wishes are for the people dear to me — my family and friends.  So I decided to add my own personal wishes on numbers 99 and 100.

The first 98 I am keeping to myself and only God can see what they are as He looks into my heart.  The last two I don’t mind sharing to the rest of the world.  Here they are: Read more

A gadget to die for: The world’s first 3D digital camera

I found this article from a Twit post, and since the article may be reposted I took the opportunity to share it here in A Wonderful Blog.

This is a truly exciting development and a genuinely revolutionary advancement in digital imaging technology. †I can’t wait to get my hands into this cool gadget. Read more

Regarding Netbooks

I GOT an e-mail from a regular visitor of about a week ago. †She was distraught. †Apparently she learned about Netbooks from my blog. †Encouraged by my favorable assessment of the Netbook’s potential in a couple of blog posts I wrote some time ago, she bought herself a Netbook early this year, she enthused. †According to her she is quite pleased with her acquisition and it has become her regular companion at Starbucks ever since.

But lately she’s gotten confused. †An acquaintance of hers apparently told her that she shouldn’t be calling her beloved device a Netbook. †“So what is it?” she asks.

I empathize with her. †Truth be told I was quite confused, too. †You will notice in my blog posts about Netbooks that I have been using the terms “Netbook,” “sub-notebook,” and “mini-laptop” interchangeably. Read more

At long last, copy-cut-paste on the iPhone

FINALLY, the long wait is over. †The much anticipated OS upgrade of iPhone (iPhone 3.0) became available for download yesterday.


I made my download late last night, over Globe Visibility. †Globe Visibility was, as usual, very erratic and I had to painstakingly keep on re-attempting the download many times over. †It put my patience to an extreme test. †Good thing, there was the “Masked Magician” on AXN at 12mn. †Shortly past 1am my download was completed. †Hallelujah! Read more

Mickey’s ill-fated cousins

QUITE a number of mice made it really big, didn’t they? †There’s Mickey†of course, who, at close to 80 years old, is still lording it†over Disneyland. †His love interest, Minnie, is as famous and successful. †And then there’s Jerry, the luckier half of the blockbuster†‘Tom and Jerry’ show.

Among the more recent mouse success stories are Remy, the culinarily-gifted lad of a rat of the ‘Ratatouille’ fame, and the cool Roddy St. James of another of my favorites, ‘Flushed Away.’

But then not all mice who made a bid at stardom made it. †After all, not all mice are created equal. †Click on the image to meet some of ’em who didn’t quite make it. Read more

Thank Goodness I Don’t Have a Blackberry


Photo Credit:
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I FOUND this very intriguing and mega provocative article on entitled, “You gotta choose: †Your Blackberry or Your Wife?”


It is catchy, alright, and it sounds very funny, too. †The only problem is, for most people it is too close to reality for comfort. †And I know a lot of these people — young and not so young urban professionals and businessmen and women who are neck-deep in their high tech gizmos and gadgetry. Read more




EVER WONDERED what sort of gadgets do the rich and the famous use? †For sure, the iPhone is among them. †But I would assume it would not be just your regular iPhone. †After all, royalties only deserve royal gadgets. †Here’s THE perfect example.

Introducing his majesty, the “Kings Button.”

With its tag price of a little over US$2.5 million (approximately 120 million pesos)†it is most probably†the worldís most expensive bedazzled iPhone 3G!!!

Its home button has been bejeweled with a 6.6 carat diamond (thus the name) and its case has been remade out of solid 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold. †Its case has been outlined with a white gold line encrusted with 138 high-quality diamonds .ì




APPARENTLY, the iPhone is the gadget of choice not just by the rich and famous but also by people of notoriety. †Some very infamous people are big fans of iPhone as well. †Here is one of them.

Taliban Leader Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef


How geeks name their pets – Part 1


THESE MAY JUST be pets to the geeks who invented them but to the rest of us they may very well be demigods. †The iPod and the Blackberry are just two of the many tech gadgets that people of all ages all over the world can’t wait to get their hands on. These devices have become status symbols of the present day Homo Sapiens. †But have you ever wondered how these devices got their names?

Read more

Bye-bye Sony CyberShot; Hello Olympus


YESTERDAY I blogged about the untimely demise of our old but reliable first generation Sony CyberShot. †It has served us well and served us enough so we don’t feel too bad about it. †But its ‘death’ was untimely just the same because a replacement was not in our immediate budget.

For two to three weeks my ex-girlfriend and I were resisting the urge to go and buy a replacement. †Secretly I was itching for a digital SLR. †But my ex-girlfriend has her own agenda. † She loved our now-dead Sony CyberShot so much that she wanted another CyberShot for its replacement.


Of course it wouldn’t be just any Sony CyberShot. †It would have to be the latest and coolest Sony CyberShot available. †Never mind that just a few days ago we were telling ourselves that we do not have the money to buy a replacement. †She was salivating to get her hands into the candy-looking Sony CyberShot DSC-T700.

And so we went to ElectroWorld in Park Square One in Makati determined to buy a Sony CyberShot DSC-T700.

When my ex-girlfriend saw and touched the Sony CyberShot DSC T700 the more she was determined to buy it. †And I couldn’t blame her. †Aside from its really slim, sleek and sexy design, it boasts of top-of-the-line specs:

      • 10 Megapixels
      • 4x Optical Zoom
      • 4GB Internal Memory
      • Double Anti-Blur
      • Improved Smile Shutter
      • Intelligent Scene Recognition
      • Face Search / Smile Search

But then we wandered around a bit just to get some price comparisons with the other digicam brands that are available in the store. †That’s when we saw the digital cameras of Olympus.

Two models got our attention: †Mju 850SW and Mju 1030SW. †Design-wise they are not as sleek and sexy as the T700. †But they have one particular feature that we could not ignore. †They are waterproof!!!

Our former Sony CyberShot was fatally damaged after a brief and accidental exposure to water. †And we were told that we needed to pay Php 19 thousand to have it repaired. †How can we forget that?

Price-wise, the Olympus Mju 1030SW is about even with the Sony CyberShot DSC-T700. †Between the two Olympus models it is also the one that we fancy more.

Specs-wise, the Mju 1030SW model is also quite comparable to the DSC-T700. †It is also 10 megapixels with Image Stabilizer and Face Detection. †Okay, maybe a bit inferior. †But it is scratchproof, shockproof upto five feet and, the clincher, waterproof upto 33 feet.

Whereas just minutes ago we were dead set on getting the DSC-T700 now we were not so sure anymore. †The DSC-T700 is sexy and trendy, alright… But the Mju 1030SW is one tough gadget.

We were in a conundrum. †The clock was ticking and the store was about to close. † We were in too deep already we had to make a decision…



FAST FORWARD to two weeks later.

I†was in a team building session at the Boy Scouts facility in Mt. Makiling together with my IT staff in Delbros. †We were negotiating the tricky obstacles of Challenge Valley. †We were in the middle of a big downpour, too, so the whole place is soaked and muddy. †We had so many picture-perfect moments it would have been a shame if we were not able to snap some photos.

Thank goodness I brought the new Olympus Mju 1030SW camera that my ex-girlfriend and myself bought a couple of weeks ago. #

Sony CyberShot is ‘Dead On The Water’

FOR SEVERAL WEEKS we mourned the ‘death’ of our first generation Sony CyberShot. †Note that I used the word ‘death’ instead of ‘loss’ as should be appropriate when referring to an inanimate object like a digital camera. †In this case ‘death’ seems more appropriate than ‘loss’ because we did not really lose the Sony CyberShot. †It died on us. †Literally.


We loved our Sony Cybershot. †At about Php 35 thousand, it was the most expensive digital camera available at the time we purchased it some five or six years ago (if my memory serves me right). †It was dependable and it produced great photos. †The photos we have taken using it must have reached thousands. †Sadly it is now ‘dead on the water.’

It died on the water, that is. †No it did not fall into the bottom of the sea or get soaked on a bucket of water. †The manner of its death was much less dramatic than that, which actually made it so very annoying.

I dipped it, momentarily, into the sea. †It happened when we had a family outing in Zambales in late August. †It was just for a split second, mind you. †My daughter’s slipper was falling into the water and I instinctively reached over to catch it. †The Sony CyberShot happened to be strapped on my wrist and in that split-second reflex movement it dangled from my wrist and into the sea surface. †After that it would not turn on anymore.

On the first opportunity I had after returning to Manila (which was, unfortunately, a couple of days after the ‘dipping’ incident in Zambales) I brought the Sony CyberShot to the Sony service center.

After a week a service advisor from the Sony Service Center called me. †That’s when I got hit by a bomb.

The digicam’s circuit board is toast, she told me. †So replace it, I demanded. †Sure they can replace it, she said. †But there’s a caveat. †Being very old, our Sony CyberShot is no longer covered by warranty. †I knew that, so charge me, I arrogantly declared.

“Sir, it will cost you more or less Php 19 thousand, probably more.”

“You said you can repair my digicam, so why are you trying to sell me a new camera?” I asked, confused.

“No sir,” she patiently explained. †“About nineteen thousand pesos is the estimated cost for your camera’s repair.”

I was waiting for her to burst into laughter.

She didn’t. †She wasn’t joking.

After another two days I went to the Sony service center to retrieve the Sony CyberShot. †It felt like going to the morgue to identify a dead body. †The analogy may sound morbid but apt. †Sob. :-(