Two and a half hours of pure laughter

Just want to share this You Tube treasure I recently found.

Warning!: addictive material. May pose health hazards including bumps and scratches (from rolling on floor while laughing), and locked jaw and bloated belly (from laughing out loud).

Note: Video clip may not load immediately on some browsers. If video clip doesn’t load immediately, please refresh/reload page. Thanks.

Apple finally found a worthy challenger?

PRESENTING… (drumroll)… the PEAR!


IT TOOK me a while to figure out what was wrong with the supposed MacBook on Carly’s lap in the photo.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when it finally dawned on me that the logo on her “MacBook” isn’t that of a bitten apple. So I guess that is not a MacBook after all.

Very subtly funny.

Nice one, Carly!

The horniest animal that ever lived

Kosmoceratops: A very horny animal

No animal — living or extinct — can be any hornier than a dinosaur called the Kosmoceratops.

Even hornier than a bull in heat?  Absolutely.   Even hornier than people who watch “scandal” video clips?  Wait! What do you think I am talking about. Read more

Too sexy for my blog: 33+ Inappropriately Sexy Ads

“SEX SELLS!” is probably the most irrefutable law of advertising.  But what if ads get too sexy, like these 33+ Inappropriately Sexy Ads compiled by Bored Panda?

We don’t know if these sexy ads really helped in selling the products they’re supposed to sell.  But who cares?  We’re just interested in the “SEX” part of the ad, are we not? Read more

“Good Grammar Is No Good”

Image Credit: karchesky via

I’m going to be fried alive by some people I know just by posting this.  But this anti-thesis to good grammar isn’t only intriguing.  The arguments are, surprisingly, compelling enough to warrant at least some serious contemplation.

Before going any further (and getting threatened with bodily harm) a DISCLAIMER is in order:  I DID NOT SAY THAT.  Somebody else did in an online article (a professional writer and an English major, mind you) and I just paraphrased the title.

I won’t go through the details (you can read the full article yourself), but here’s the gist: Read more

A new and different Mathematics

Haha, I love Craig Damrauer’s NEW MATH.  You are sure to love it, too, even if you’ve hated Math all your life.  Because NEW MATH is different.  It’s the kind of Math that everybody understands.

NEW MATH’s format makes for very easy and leisurely reading.  And it’s very entertaining, too.

Here are a few examples that I particularly like:

See lots more:  NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer.

Warren Buffet’s Aphorisms | The Veterinarian | ‘Wondering’ begets Wisdom


I just received “The Tao of Warren Buffet” book as a gift from my ex-girlfriend. †It is a collection of profound aphorisms from investment guru and mega-philanthropist, Warren Buffet. †I just started with it but I am already immensely loving it.

Here is a sampling of Buffet’s quick wit and wisdom from the book:

“Rule No. 1: †Never Lose Money.

Rule No. 2: †Never Forget Rule No. 1.” Read more

Apple Ad | Golf Humor | A Pissing Contest

Image grabbed from featured slideshow
Image grabbed from featured slideshow

I saw this old Apple Ad from a featured slideshow presentation in †Now just imagine if this ad goes out now but for the iPod Nano? LOL. †Click here to see more old and funny tech ads.

It’s important to take note though that we now find the gadgets and gizmos featured in most of these ads funny because we tend to compare them with the technology and gadgets we know today. †I can imagine that these featured gadgets and gizmos were the geekest and the coolest way back then.

Read more

A David Blaine trick, or something like it

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

This Math Test crafted by a world-class magician is said to be able to predict your all-time most-watched movie. †Mine is†True Lies.

Try it. †It really works!



  1. Pick a number from 1 – 9.
  2. Multiply by 3.
  3. Add 3, then multiply by 3 again.
  4. Add the digits of the resulting sum together.
  5. Click on “more” below to find your all-time most-watched movie.

Good Luck.

Read more

How an Industrial Engineer would sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

total-eclipseI almost fell from my seat from laughing out loud when I finally realized what this is about. †It was e-mail forwarded to me by a friend and I didn’t immediately figure out what it is.
When I finally got it, the first thing that came to mind are my colleagues at work who are Industrial Engineers by profession. †I call them the “process freaks” (not in any demeaning way — like I am a “technology freak” and a “war freak”). Read more