An unplanned dinner date at Yashinoya

20121213-225642.jpgTRUE it was unplanned. But that does not mean I – we – did not enjoy it, my ex-girlfriend and I.

20121213-225704.jpgIn fact we may have enjoyed it a little bit too much. We over ate. As usual. Forget about my diet.

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Bong and Johan: Football Superstars

JUST FOR FUN, Marielle superimposed photos of me and Johan in this photo (using Photofunia). And then we all had a good laugh about it. My ex-girlfriend commented that I actually look good when morphed into a a football superstar’s physique. Haha, was that wishful thinking on her part? Maybe I should start playing football.

The First Nine Years of My Life Sentence | Terrace at the Fifth

My Life Sentence

December 8, 2000 is probably the most important date in my life.† It was the day I was convicted of a Life Sentence.

That was nine years ago last month. I should have written and posted this blog entry last December 8, or shortly after. But I procrastinated.

Procrastination. It is one of the habits that a convict-for-life acquires quite easily. And why not? A lifetime can be a very long time so postponing things for a few days, or weeks, or even months doesnít sound like too big a deal. Read more

Mother and Child

My ex-girlfriend is deeply moved whenever she sees a mother and child portrait or painting. †She’s been raring to have one in the house, though we haven’t yet gotten to acquiring one. †We almost did when we had our family outing in White Rock in Subic. †In the hotel boutique were some paintings for sale and, as expected, a particularly beautiful mother and child piece stood out and got her attention. Read more

My sweetheart’s mother


I AM NOT REFERRING to my mother-in-law, although I also adore her and consider her to be one of the most important women in my life.

My Sweetheart’s mother is THE most important woman in my life right now. That distinction used to belong to my own mother. Of course my mother remains to be one of the most important women in my life and I know she wouldn’t mind giving up her erstwhile spot in favor of my Sweetheart’s Mother. Read more