TRIVIA: What does mean? Anyone?

MY BOSS, Ed Delgado, posted a photo of himself with of the famous The Black Eyed Peas in his FaceBook timeline yesterday with this caption:

I met with Apl de Ap when he did a fund raising with the YPO WPO group last Nov 17. He is a true pinoy and a patriot. Mabuhay! Allan Pineda Lineo (Apl) de (of) Angeles Pampanga (Ap)

I was like… “WOW! I didn’t know that APL.DE.AP actually means something!”

I know (assumed, actually) that is somehow a derivative of his real name, Allan Pineda, in the same way that is just WILLIAM (William Adams) corrupted with a couple of dots. Nothing but a naming gimmick to make their names “in tune” with the Internet age.

Apparently, there’s more to than a simple corruption with dots. Read more

Infatuated with the iPad Mini; Drooling over the iPhone 5.

I GOT to touch and hold both the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 earlier this week, courtesy of my boss, Ed Delgado, who just bought his new “toys” in Singapore over the weekend.

The iPad Mini is so much lighter than expected. I knew all along it will be a lot lighter than the previous iPads (I have both the original iPad and the second generation iPad 2) but I didn’t expect it to be extremely light! Gee, it’s almost as light as my first-gen iPhone!

While in Singapore on November 8 Ed texted me to say that he just bought his new 16GB iPad Mini (WiFi) for just US375 and offered to buy one for me if I was interested. Read more

“Graduation Hill”

"Graduation Hill"
"Graduation Hill"

“Graduation Hill” is a place.  But it is not a specific place.  It varies from person to person.  In my case, my “graduation hill” is a 1- to 2-kilometer stretch of extreme downhill and uphill trails somewhere in the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal, more commonly referred to by veteran trail riders as the Roller Coaster Trail.

On June 19, 2010 I “graduated” from my beginner’s crash course in Extreme Trail Riding.  Conferring to me the honors was no other than my boss and outdoors guru, Ed Delgado.  He is also the ringleader of our small band of TX125 extreme trail riders.  My instructor whom we all fondly refer to as “BigShot” must have been very proud. Read more

Extreme Trail Ride

Independence Day Extreme Trail Ride

What better way to commemorate Independence day than to enjoy the liberating feeling of communing with nature at the same time that you get to play with an awesome new toy?

That’s exactly what I did on June 12, INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I joined my boss and adventure master, Ed Delgado, and two others in my first real Extreme Trail Ride.  Our playground:  the vast network of foot trails in the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal.  Our toy:  the TX125, a super agile, powerful, and very easy to handle dirt bike designed and put together by my boss himself. Read more

One more look at Mt. Malipunyo (Malarayat Mountain Range)

WHEN WE†climbed Mt. Malipunyo of the Malarayat Mountain Range in Batangas last month, we had the good†fortune of having a professional photographer and videographer join us in the person of Mr. Hector Igarta. †Sir Hector, as I have come to call him, is a an active Scoutmaster and trainer of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.


Last week Sir Hector sent me the raw photos he took during our climb. †Here are three of our group photos taken before, during, and after the climb:


malipunyo group photos


Delbros AB Normal Club is back in action! Summitted the highest peak in the Malarayat Mountain Range



THE YEAR 2008 was a relatively active year for the Delbros AB Normal Club.† They went on to summit two mountains — Mt. Batulao (811 MASL) and Mt. Pico De Loro (664+ MASL) before the rainy season started in June.† And then they played ‘hide and seek’ with Super Typhoon Cosme in Baguio City and Pangasinan in May as they sneaked deep and high into Benguet to see the Mummies of Mount Timbak (2,717+ MASL).


The Delbros AB Normal folks usually go on “hybernate” mode from June to early November.† They are a crazy bunch but not careless.† Climbing a mountain during the rainy seasons is a no-no.† Not only that it is so much more dangerous.† It is also too inconvenient.† They go for adventure not discomfort.† A climb in late November to early December is feasible but the circumstances of the Delbros AB Normal Club members late last year made another climb impractical.


And that is why they were eager to welcome January, the official start of a new climbing season as far as the Club is concerned. Read more

Maxi, the Boy Scouts’ wonder dog

DID YOU KNOW†that dogs are naturally acrophobic?



Apparently, Scout Maxi is an exception. † This young Pitbull got a taste of the Flying Fox, a regular attraction in Boy Scout camps, and enjoyed it to the hilt. †After his “Flying Fox” experience, Scout Maxi went on to do the “Australian Rappel.”


Read more