My first e-book: STREET MATH


I FINISHED and published my very first e-book on February 15, 2012. Hurray! I am now officially a published author. I could not have done it if I took the traditional publishing route. But thanks to the advent o technology, particularly e-books, wannabe authors like me, can now get published quickly and inexpensively.

More about the merits and exciting prospects of e-book publishing later.

Now back to my first e-book. Actually, e-books (notice the “s”) because I published not one but two e-books simultaneously. You know how it is with me. I always tend to overdo things. That and the compulsion to always be different.


So why math?

First… well it’s a subject I’m quite comfortable with. Wait! I didn’t say I’m good at it. It’s just a subject I think I can talk about with a healthy dose of confidence.

Second… my lovely Nanay is a Math teacher, did you know that? She’s retired now, but prior to retiring she had been teaching math for more than 30 years (she now tutors my kids). I admit to the sentimental aspect of choosing math as the subject of my first published book. I dedicate it to best math teacher I’ve ever known, my mother. Naks! Read more