Silica Gel Packets

I COLLECT Silica Gel Packets.  I didn’t really know what to do with them exactly.  I just instinctively knew that someday I would find some use for them.

That “someday” is NOW.

I came across this Website with DIY tips and pointers.  One of its do-it-yourself articles feature unusual uses for… (what else?) Silica Gel Packets! All of a sudden I have some concrete uses for my silica gel collection.

An interesting bit of info that I also learned from this particular article is that although silica gel packets may lose their utility over time as they are exposed to — and absorb — moisture, they can be ‘recharged’.

 Learn all about it in DIY Life.

Extreme DIY: Pizza Box Laptop

I AM A SELF-CONFESSED DIY freak but I’ll probably NOT go this far.  But I know a number of people who will.  Some of them have worked for or with me within the past decade.  Geeks!

This shows just how rudimentary a laptop computer is beneath the flashy and high-tech looking exterior.  Of course all the power are in those tiny chips in that green circuit board that we all call the Motherboard.