Cool Art Project: Tennis Ball Island

Cool Art Project:  Tennis Ball Island

I AM REALLY impressed with the creativity and imagination of the artist who did this. 

Look at how tiny the miniature couple and the coconut tree are in the third photo.

The artist apparently considers his work a sculpture.  I think it is more than that.  It is a miniature diorama showcased through great photography.

I can’t wait to make my “imitation” of this cool art project.


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Nuts about knots

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I AM A CERTIFIED NUT CASE when it comes to knots. I am not exactly an expert in knot tying but I have this compulsion (or should I say addiction?) to collect any reference material on knot tying that I come across.


My knot tying reference materials now include some Websites, You Tube videos, an iPhone application, and a full-color glossy book I found and bought at a bargain from Doulos.


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