Now Reading: Don’t Look Back: The David Bussau Story

I just finished reading THE BILLIONAIRE WHO WASN’T, the biographical account about Chuck Feeney, a few days ago.

I was so impressed and inspired by it that I decided to immerse myself with more stories about selfless giving and the people who made it their life’s goal to share their blessings.

I remember I have another book about another philanthropist by the name of Davis Bussau. I rummaged my huge pile of still unread books, and is pleased to report that I found it!

This one is actually quite special because it was personally signed by no other than David Bussau himself. My ex-girlfriend met Mr. Bussau in person less than 2 years ago when he visited the Philippines for some of his advocacy projects in partnership with Pepsico.

It promises to be another interesting read. I am hoping it will be as engaging as THE BILLIONAIRE WHO WASN’T.

I enjoy reading most biographical narratives so this should be no different. Having already sampled a few pages, I am quite happy to note that Ms. Tyndale’s storytelling style is light and easy, which should be good.

I’m quite optimistic with my prospect of completing this book, which is a good thing because my list of yet unfinished books is already getting quite long.