The joy of reading

I LOVE this photo a lot. Not only because it so eloquently portrays my personal love of books and reading. It also reminds me how I usually get delightedly lost in the many wonderful worlds in the stories I read.

I don’t know where this photo was taken from or who took it (I just grabbed it from a friend’s Facebook status update). It looks like it was shot right here in the Philippines.

Whoever took this photo, thank you very much.

A few books I can’t seem to finish

AS A CERTIFIED bookworm, I devour a lot of books. And although I cannot really claim with perfect certainty to have finished every book that I have started to read (no matter how boring it is or how disinterested I turn out to be), I always finish a book somehow owing to my sincere belief that every book has a story to tell. I don’t have any recollection of a book that I have started but failed to finish reading.

Well that may no longer be a very accurate statement.

Just within the past three months I have started reading several books. At least three of them (maybe four) seem to pose a real threat to my conviction to always finish any book that I have started reading. These are… Read more

Book Museum

WITH the dawning of the age of eBooks, libraries such as this huge one in Stockholm, Sweden will soon get a new name: Book Museums.

It will probably take many more years before all of the books in this gargantuan library will be converted to digital format. When they have been all digitized they will probably fit into a tiny chip and can all be made accessible from a single eBook reading device such as the iPad or the Kindle of our present time.

So what will it be like to go to a library in the future?

I am guessing that we will have to pay to get in. There will be guides to usher us around and explain each section. If we’re lucky we’ll meet the curator. She used to be called the Librarian.

There will be no chairs and tables. We are not supposed to sit and linger too long in one place. We are to walk around from section to section. In groups, usually.

Oh by the way, there will probably be a dress code — shorts, t-shirts, and rubber shoes are not allowed. Preferably, come in your cocktail dress.

Cameras and recording devices are not allowed.

And as the guide shows us the last remaining printed copy of a Kindergarten Text Book, there will be hushed “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from the more sophisticated among us. A few, myself included, will probably be trying very hard to hide a yawn.



A book about One-Night Stands, anyone?

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler, author of "My Horizontal Life" | Photo Credit:

I just chanced upon this book in my iBook library and got curious.  A collection of one night stands?  Now who wouldn’t be curious with that?

I haven’t read many books by female authors, especially with (semi) biographic formats.  But the title is so very intriguingly irresistible, don’t you think?  And when I saw photos of Chelsea Handler in Google Images and found out that she’s one bombshell of a blonde, I knew I just have to give her book a chance. Read more

A Disturbing Book

Speak You Also
Speak You Also by Paul Steinberg

Of course it’s the book’s subject matter that I find disturbing and not the book itself. It is a great book actually — a rare first-person account of the horrors of Auschwitz.

I find Paul Steinberg’s account of how he survived the concentration camps of the Nazis in Europe towards the end of World War 2 to be very honest. He did not present himself as a hero, just an unwilling participant who did what he had to do to survive.

For most people in this present generation who did not have any first-hand experience of the horrible war that was World War 2, we must find stories about the Holocaust in Europe, or the Death March in Bataan, surreal. They are simply unbelievable and incomprehensible!

Thanks to people like Paul Steinberg for telling us that these horrible things happened — and may happen again. We should also thank them for showing us that even in the darkest of times man can and will survive, and hopefully even emerge a better — albeit scarred — man.

The Blog Book

ONE OF THE TIPPING POINTS that led me to embrace blogging with passion is this book by Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt is an American†radio†talk show†host, author and†blogger. †He is what is known as a pundit – a political commentator. †He is also a die hard Republican (I wonder what he has to say with Obama’s win over McCain).

I†did not particularly like the way Hewitt writes, or at least the way he wrote “BLOG.” †I p

ersonally felt that he overdid his narrative of how he and other Republican bloggers were so instrumental in changing the campaign tide in favor of George W. Bush by exposing John Kerry‘s faked Vietnam War exploits. †I understood what he was trying to say: †that blogging is emerging as a very powerful tool to disseminate information vis-a-vis traditional media, powerful enough to influence the result of a presidential election in no less than the US of A. †Still, he could have driven that point in one or two chapters instead of three quarters of the book (okay, maybe just three fifths) and possibly with better result.

Be that as it may, the book convinced me enough that blogging is going to be big. †Really BIG! †Hewitt also presented a lot of interesting, compelling, and very useful statistics about blogging†(towards the end of the book).

A year since reading ” BLOG”and here I am, a certified blog addict. †Maybe you shouldn’t read the book, or else suffer my fate. †But then again, blogging is cool and you will get to meet uber†cool dudes and dudettes in Blogosphere. †So come join the fun. 😀

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” Parts 8-13

SOME DEMANDING friends are complaining about my weekly “piecemeal” postings of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and went on to point out that I failed to post Part 8 last week.

Okay it’s good to know that there are people actually closely monitoring my posts so maybe I’ll give in to their whim. †(Truth is, I am also eager to finally complete my commitment to post the entire Sun Tzu manuscript so I can leave it behind and move on with my life in Blogosphere.)

Prior to this post I have so far posted seven of the 13 parts. †Well, the only reason I’ve been posting “The Art of War” one part at a time is because the manuscript is quite lengthy. †For a quick reference here are the links to the first 7 parts:

Part 1: †Laying Plans

Part 2: †Waging War

Part 3: †Attack by Stratagem

Part 4: †Tactical Dispositions

Part 5: †Energy

Part 6: †Weak Points and Strong

Part 7: Maneuvering

And to appease my spoiled brat friends here are the remaining six parts (Parts 8-13). †Be forewarned though that this post is a really long one.† Read more

MBA Reviewer: Accounting & Control

I MADE THIS REVIEWER when I was preparing for my MBA Comprehensive Exam in UP-Diliman a couple of years ago.

It didn’t help me that much in the comprehensive exam as we were given mostly problem-solving-type questions through case studies.

But it did build my confidence enough to face my biggest nemesis in the MBA Program: Accouting & Control.

I would like to share it to those who are planning to take their MBA, are currently taking up their MBA, or those non-Accountants like me in the real world who have to understand basic Accounting to properly do their job. †

Click on the link below to open and download the reviewer (PDF file):

MBA Reviewer: Accounting & Control

Book Summary: How to Win Friends and Influence People

THERE ARE TWO things I love best with Dale Carnegie‘s books:


  • They are timeless; and
  • They are written using common, simple words and easy to understand concepts.


ìHow to Win Friends and Influence Peopleî is the first of the three timeless and bestselling books by Dale Carnegie.

I made a summary of ìHow to Win Friends and Influence Peopleî in (guess what?) only three Powerpoint slides!

Click on the link below to download my 3-sllide summary of “How to Win Friends and Influence People.î