Lost Steps

These pair-less slippers were collected by paid hands while cleaning the mountain of debris washed ashore in a beach in Batangas during a recent typhoon.

Some of the pair-less slippers are well worn. Some are even damaged already. But quite a few seem to be new and slightly used. They are mostly, if not all, kids’ slippers.

I could not help but wonder about the previous owners of these slippers. Where are they? How did they get to lose one of their slippers?

Delbros AB Normal Club is back in action! Summitted the highest peak in the Malarayat Mountain Range



THE YEAR 2008 was a relatively active year for the Delbros AB Normal Club.† They went on to summit two mountains — Mt. Batulao (811 MASL) and Mt. Pico De Loro (664+ MASL) before the rainy season started in June.† And then they played ‘hide and seek’ with Super Typhoon Cosme in Baguio City and Pangasinan in May as they sneaked deep and high into Benguet to see the Mummies of Mount Timbak (2,717+ MASL).


The Delbros AB Normal folks usually go on “hybernate” mode from June to early November.† They are a crazy bunch but not careless.† Climbing a mountain during the rainy seasons is a no-no.† Not only that it is so much more dangerous.† It is also too inconvenient.† They go for adventure not discomfort.† A climb in late November to early December is feasible but the circumstances of the Delbros AB Normal Club members late last year made another climb impractical.


And that is why they were eager to welcome January, the official start of a new climbing season as far as the Club is concerned. Read more