Pink Panther on Piano by Johan Saculles (video)

Pink Panther on Piano by Johan Saculles (video)

JOHAN PLAYED the cool “Pink Panther” theme music during his most recent piano recital. Please check it out.

For his second piece Johan played “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

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Zamboanga Restaurant | Malate

Zamboanga Restaurant | Malate

ZAMBOANGA RESTAURANT was recently featured on Kris TV, according to Marielle. Kris was apparently impressed and gladly endorsed it in her show.

I have to agree, and not because Kris said so. Read more

Among world’s most beautiful hospitals

I CAME across this online article quite by accident while searching for certain medical terms. It ranks St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City number 11 among The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World.

The main criteria for the ranking, it appears, is the incorporation or integration of a hospital’s functionality with aesthetic design.

<Click here to read the full article and see the complete list>

Of course, St. Luke’s is quick to grab the opportunity to trumpet this around by posting an article about this article in their website.

<Click here to see what St. Luke’s has to say about this>

Now, that’s another reason for us, Filipinos, to be proud about.

Superb Cultural Dance Presentation @ Villa Escudero

Every day, the cultural dance troupe of Villa Escudero gives a world-class presentation to local and foreign visitors to this Filipino-culture-themed park near the boundary of Laguna and Quezon provinces.

My family visited Villa Escudero in May 2011. Villa Escudero impressed me a lot, so much so that I actually wrote and posted three articles about it in this blog. This one is the fourth.

I am very glad that my kids – Marielle (9) and Johan (7) and their cousin, Marian Rose (7), have been introduced to traditional Filipino folk songs and dances early on. And I am doubly glad that this introduction was by way of Villa Escudero, as it undoubtedly left only positive impressions on them.

Villa Escudero and its cultural presentation are definitely two must-sees by tourists and visitors. As a Filipino, they make me really proud.


In the photo with the the Villa Escudero cultural dance troupe members are my sister-in-law, Mary Ann (standing in the middle, wearing white shirt), my sister Orchid (seated, 2nd from left), Johan, my ever cool and beautiful Nanay Paz, my niece Marian Rose, and Marielle.


Cute Extreme Climber

I JUST thought I would share this. This lady climber is such a beauty to behold. She’s not only cute, she seems to be a very serious and a very proficient climber, as well. But what I like most about her is that she doesn’t seem to have those over-developed muscles – common among some lady climbers – that can make Arnold Schwarzenegger feel insecure. She’s still very much huggable. :)

Maybe somebody can recognize her and tell me her name. I’m a fan.

I no longer remember when, where, an how I got this photo. I serendipitously found it in one of my file archives. My re-discovery of it has inspired me to look forward to climbing again, and soon, if possible. Read more

A view from the pot

Pot Pool

Look what’s cooking?! Make that “Look who’s cooking?” or, to be more grammatically correct about it, “Look who is getting cooked?”

This is actually a very late post. Almost a year old now. I created it on first week of December last year, right after our family vacation in Pagudpud. Apparently I forgot to publish it and it was in my draft folder for the past 11 months. Silly me. Read more

The Extreme Water Slides of White Rock Subic

This will be my last blog post featuring my family’s recent visit in White Rock Resort in Subic, else other people may already think that I am being paid to promote the place. :)


STRICTLY SPEAKING, White Rock Resort in Subic is not a water theme park (like Splash Island along SLEx in San Pedro/Biñan, Laguna). But it offers a pleasant surprise to people who, not unlike myself, love the thrill of extreme water slides.

It features not one, not two, but three extreme water slides.

First is the Rampage Slide, which is simply a 45-degree slide from a height of approximately 50 feet (about the height of an 8-story building), and ends in a shallow pool.

Next is the Super-Bowl Slide, which starts from the same approximately 8-story platform of the Rampage Slide and goes down a long barrel slide which is about 80-100 feet long. The barrel slide dumps into a huge “bowl” where you continue to slide around a couple of times before getting literally flushed down the middle and into a 5-foot deep pool.

Lastly, there’s the See-Saw Slide which may look deceivingly “easy” to some, but guarantees a big scare with its initial “dead drop.” Read more

Not just another chicken house

WITH SEVERAL restaurants and fast food chains offering chicken as their primary specialty, is there a room for one more?

Apparently the people behind The Chicken Rice Shop think so. And I think I can agree with them.

All their chicken dishes – Hainanese, roast, barbecue – are very good. Their non-chicken dishes are winners, too (e.g., tofu on teriyaki sauce). For dessert their local version of iced kachang (famous Malaysian/Singaporean version of the Philippines’ equally famous halu-halo) is a must try.

I did not quite like their brewed coffee, however. I find it too strong for my liking. But maybe other people would prefer it that way.

I know of only one The Chicken Rice Shop location – the one in Harbor Square in CCP Complex. I am not sure if there are other branches although I am guessing that there are.

The Chicken Rice Shop appears to be owned and operated by the same group behind Pancake House. I say this only because I saw a sign of the Orange Card which I associate with Pancake House.


Important Note:
I am an amateur, independent blogger. I don’t get paid for writing about the places and food I feature in this blog site. The stuff I write are a product of my own experiences and personal biases and opinions. As a matter of personal choice, I write mostly about my positive experiences. Nevertheless, I am always candid and, as a consequence, sometimes I write things that may not necessarily flatter or praise. My sincerest apologies if I somehow offend anyone. In such a case be assured that I mean no malice.

A word from our sponsor: “When you drink good, you feel good.”

The latest Tropicana TVC that debuted just a week or two ago is making a lot of buzz. I haven’t seen it on TV yet, though. ‘Tis a good thing I found it on You Tube. Curiosity quenched.

It is a very well thought of and perfectly executed TVC that is sure to win over the masses. This one is sure to become a classic. Kudos to the people behind the TVC. Of course it helps a lot that John Lloyd Cruz stars in it.

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