Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

HAVE you read it already? Most probably yes. If not yet, then you’re lucky. Don’t go looking for it, it’s not worth your time.

I’ve read that stupid hate-blog from Singapore a few nights ago when I was in Siem Reap (Cambodia) with my family.

share_baitBasically, it calls us Filipinos all sorts of offensive names and attempts to encourage other Singaporeans to discriminate against Pinoys in Singapore.

What was my reaction?

I was so angry I almost shared the link with my furious response. It’s a good thing I was too tired doing “temple runs” all day that I simply did not have the energy to write a  response.

Also, I know better.

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I SAW these photos in a forwarded email that landed on my bulk folder a couple of months ago. My first reaction was that of utter disbelief. “This can’t be true!” “Maybe this is just a hoax.” “Maybe these are just manipulated images.”

A closer scrutiny of the images, however, dashed all of my hopes that the scenes in the photos are unreal. They are real. There is no doubt about it. I can’t conjure the right words to describe how I feel about these photos so I’ll keep it at that. The photos speak for themselves.

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Poor quality driver’s license material… again

REMEMBER the fading driver’s license/ID cards issued by the LTO a few years ago?  Confronted by a swelling public outrage the LTO was forced to “offer to replace for FREE” the faded ID cards.

Guess what? The LTO appears to have again pulled a fast one on us, hapless tax paying motorists, by issuing out ID cards made of very poor quality materials.

No the LTO cards are not fading this time.  You have to give them LTO folks some respect.  They are smart enough not to pull the same trick.

What is it this time then?  Any guess?

Presenting…. (drumroll) the ultra brittle driver’s license (applause)!!!

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7 hours 30 minutes

I took this photo from my iPhone a few minutes after I joined the long line of voters at the poll center in Merville, Paranaque. I estimate that I must have captured about 1/5 of the line at that time.

“The things Filipinos endure for their politicians!”

Yes I know that is a very cynical way to look back at the just concluded elections.  Let me take that back and replace with this…

“The things Filipinos endure for democracy!”

I am referring to my very own personal experience last May 10.  I posted my 7-hour-30-minutes record challenge in my Twitter and FaceBook accounts but I am yet to hear from anybody who would say they’ve clocked in more.

I actually know several people who endured a lot more than my 7-hour-30-minutes but they are probably not in Twitter or FaceBook.  They are the people who were in the same anaconda queue I was in on May 10.  I joined the queue at around 7:30 that fateful morning.  It was already approximately a quarter of a kilometer long!  And only later on did I find out that there were actually 2 such queues, one on each side of the Belvedere Community Center in Merville, Paranaque, where I was fated to cast my vote.

I had the chance to chat with some of the hapless folks in our line.  And why not?  We had plenty of time to waste under the scorching heat of the sun!  Everybody was eager to cast his/her vote.  Some arrived at the polling center as early as 6 o’clock!  Like me, many of those people did not eat breakfast assuming that it will be all over in an hour or so… 3 hours at the most.  I just realized that there may be truth to the old Filipino adage, “Maraming namamatay sa maling akala.” (Many perish for assuming wrongly.)  I could have died that day from starvation… or more likely from heat stroke.  I have my sun-burnt arms, nape, and face to show for it.  My “charbroiled,” dead skin are still cracking and peeling more than a week after.

Progress! After about half an hour I have advanced about 20 meters in the queue. I was very much still in the anaconda's tail, with the head nowhere in site. Several nuns fully dressed in their habits were in our line, many of them endured more than my 7.5 hours.

Much has been since said about how successful the Philippines’ first ever automated election was.  And I don’t disagree.  It could have been a disaster but it wasn’t.  The naysayers predicted the worst.  And it turned out quite well.  A lot of people would swear on their great grandparents’ graves that it took them longer to vote in this election compared to previous ones, but then the lightning speed in which the votes got counted and the winners got proclaimed are more than enough to negate that stigma.

My 7-hour-30-minutes experience is probably more of an exception than the rule.  From the tweets I’ve got, I would put the average voting time to 2-4 hours, which is not exactly bad.  The people responsible for the poll center in Merville just f*d up, that’s all.

What I believe should be of real concern are the people who were effectively disenfranchised because of the long waiting time to vote.  Within 5 meters in both directions from where I was in my queue I could count at least 2 “fall outs.”  I guess they’ve decided their politicians were not worth all that trouble.  If only they’ve instead thought that they were doing it for the sake of their country and democracy.

69 | Globe (In)Visibility | Tsoko.Nut @ TEE | Da Vinci said

SIXTY NINE: What a number!† But before imaginations get any dirtier, thatís the number of minutes it took me to complete the 10K Run in this yearís Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) held at Bonifacio Global City last Sunday, Oct. 24, 2009.

@ the 09 Adidas KOTR with my new running buddy: my one-and-only sister Kiddo.
@ the 09 Adidas KOTR with my new running buddy: my one-and-only sister Kiddo.

It was a measly 3-minute improvement from my previous Sundayís 72 minutes during the Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM).† An improvement, nevertheless.† Two Sundays ago, during the Milo Marathon, I did 78 minutes.† So thatís nine minutes shaved in two weeks.† Not quite bad. Read more

Another dead tree in Metro courtesy of MMDA

“Trees removed from Metro Manila thoroughfares are properly ‘balled’ and replanted in parks.”

That’s the official statement often heard from both the MMDA and the DENR. †Just about two months ago I heard DENR Secretary Lito Atienza on radio claiming that none of the trees that are being removed from streets of Metro Manila as a result of road widening and other infrastructure projects are “cut to death.”

Crap. †All crap! †All of these are lip service by the MMDA and DENR. Read more

Motorcycle-riding policemen — without helmets!

I was cruising northbound along Roxas Boulevard near Intramuros the other day when four motorcycles passed me by.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the motorcycles were being driven by policemen. †The last of the four motorcycle even had a policewoman for a passenger. †The second thing I noticed is the fact that none of them were wearing safety helmets! †Isn’t that illegal? Read more

What did you say?



IF YOU’VE been anywhere in Pasay City in the past six or so months chances are you have already seen this “slogan.” †It is usually accompanied by the name and/or photo of Pasay City Congressman Jose Antonio F. Roxas (one of the CONASS signatories, remember?)†and, if you are really unlucky, PGMA. †It is hard to miss because it is all over Pasay City — in pedestration overpasses, tarpaulin banners, welcome arches, etc.

I am not an English grammar expert but I think there is something really wrong with this slogan. †Whenever I see it I cringe involuntary. †Even though I am not reading it aloud it feels like it is screaming right on my ears. †And it hurts! Read more

Shame List: ‘like thieves in the night’



Photo Credit:
"Hall of Shame"Photo Credit:


LOVE ’em, or hate ’em. †Here they are. †The 172 CONGRESSMEN WHO APPROVED THE CON-ASS, in alphabetical order.

I am dismayed, although I can’t really say I am surprised, that two of our congressmen in my home province of Isabela — Rodolfo Albano III, 1st district and Edwin Uy, 2nd district — are on the list. †So is one of our congressmen in my MM residence in ParaÃ’aque — Ed Zialcita, 1st district. Read more