My “Dampang Marmol” (or something like it)

SOMEBODY shared this photo to me via FaceBook. I was trying to trace where or from whom it originally came from so that I can give proper credit and ask permission to repost. But knowing how easy it is to share contents in FaceBook it is already almost impossible to identify the original source unless it is incorporated into the content itself. Whoever owns this photo, thank you very much for sharing it.

I hope to build something very similar to this for myself someday. I will call it my “dampang marmol” (shanty made of marble)… my perfect getaway place where I can sleep all day or maybe write a book.

I’ll probably introduce a few modifications, however. Read more

My first (and probably last) attempt at Wedding Photography

AUGUST 13, 2011. Our good friend, Liezel Jean Gerada finally tied the knot with long-time love, Ryan Briones. Theirs is a love story made for soap operas.

Their wedding day has two profound significance: (1) It was the realization of a “Love Worth Waiting For”… and (2) it was my first real attempt at Wedding Photography. Read more

Cool Stuff: Book Recycling Ideas with a Touch of Art

WITH more and more people switching to e-Books, traditional books will have to find some other ways to remain useful.

Here are some really ingenious ideas from Recyclart.

Book Chandelier
Laptop Stand

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Reconnecting with long-lost friends, courtesy of FaceBook

How time flies!  My High School graduating class — AAIC Batch 1987 — will be marking its 25th year anniversary in 2012.  I made this realization 2 years ago and, as the Class President of our class, I felt it my responsibility to at least attempt to locate my high school buddies.  Naturally I also toyed with the idea of organizing what would have been our very first class reunion. Read more

Share your athlete’s foot



I SAW THIS on my JUNK e-mail folder. †Actually it was a forwarded message from my ex-girlfriend.


I think it is not exactly a bad idea. †It would have been much better if ADIDAS offers to give away a brand new pair of shoes for every old pair surrendered. †But we are not in a perfect world, are we? †After all, ADIDAS is a profit-centered concern not a charity. †This is obviously a ploy to hasten people into buying new pairs of rubber shoes — make that new pairs of ADIDAS shoes, of course. †Anyway, the campaign is good till the 17th of May so there is still time to gather those old pairs.†


Having some difficulty convincing mom to give you that money to buy your new pair? †This may be the answer to your prayer. †You may just get your dream Lebron James pair in the name of charity. †Isn’t that nice? †:-)


If I may be allowed to make a simple suggestion it would be this: †PLEASE TAKE TIME TO WASH YOUR OLD SHOES BEFORE DONATING THEM, allthough I am sure the recipients wouldn’t mind receiving your beloved pair, your athlete’s foot included. 😀

Special Project: 2009 Calendar


I’VE BEEN getting these weekly e-mailers from Digital World for several months already. I am not sure how I got included into their mailing list. It’s possible that they just got my e-mail address from some forms I absentmindedly filled up, or I may have subscribed to their weekly digest of news and tips. It’s most probably the latter.

Anyway, I was ready to unsubscribe when I got this e-mailer from Digital World entitled, Turn Your Photos Into a Calendar” by Dave Johnson. I decided to postpone my “to unsubscribe or not to unsubscribe” decision ’til January.

For those of you who — like me — are interested to work on a 2009 Calendar Project, I summarized Dave’s article below. If you want to read the original article I am sure you can find it somewhere in the WWW by simply googling the article’s title and/or the name “Dave Johnson.” Read more

MBA Reviewer: Accounting & Control

I MADE THIS REVIEWER when I was preparing for my MBA Comprehensive Exam in UP-Diliman a couple of years ago.

It didn’t help me that much in the comprehensive exam as we were given mostly problem-solving-type questions through case studies.

But it did build my confidence enough to face my biggest nemesis in the MBA Program: Accouting & Control.

I would like to share it to those who are planning to take their MBA, are currently taking up their MBA, or those non-Accountants like me in the real world who have to understand basic Accounting to properly do their job. †

Click on the link below to open and download the reviewer (PDF file):

MBA Reviewer: Accounting & Control

Funky Photos: DIY, FREE

HERE IS ANOTHER cool tool you can use absolutely FREE courtesy of the World Wide Web.

This one will allow you to jazz up and add a new twist to your digital photos in quick and simple steps. †No geeky skills required.† I swear. 😉

BE FUNKY!† Thatís the name of the Website. †And funky it does make your digital photos.† Click here to access the site.† I suggest you bookmark it immediately.†

Here are samples of what you can do (and I did these the very first time I visited the site):

This is a simple black-and-white pencil sketch:


This one uses colors.† The effect is similar to a †watercolor rendition:


You can combine effects, too. †Add text and speech balloons on your cartoonized photos, for instance, like this one:



Or simply accessorize your photos without having to cartoonize them, like this one:


I havenít even fully explored the Website. †I am sure there are other cool stuff you can do with your photos with it.

I’ll feature other cool and, more importantly, FREE Web tools soon. †Promise. 😉