Book for sale: Fast Lane: 50+ Years of Motor Sports in the Philippines

TO ALL the motor sports enthusiasts and/or book collectors out there. I just found about half a dozen pieces of the FAST LANE coffee-table book published by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) in 2005. The books are practically “new” and in perfect condition.

Front Cover of FAST LANE

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A word from our sponsor: “When you drink good, you feel good.”

The latest Tropicana TVC that debuted just a week or two ago is making a lot of buzz. I haven’t seen it on TV yet, though. ‘Tis a good thing I found it on You Tube. Curiosity quenched.

It is a very well thought of and perfectly executed TVC that is sure to win over the masses. This one is sure to become a classic. Kudos to the people behind the TVC. Of course it helps a lot that John Lloyd Cruz stars in it.

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FOR RENT: 1BR Condo Unit @ The Eastwood Excelsior (TEE)

UNIT DETAILS: †Unit 11B, Tower 1 of The Eastwood Excelsior; †Floor Area: 50 square meters;†One bedroom (plus utility room or maid’s quarter);†Two T&B;†Bare, except for permanent cabinets/fixtures in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

Condo Details:

  • With driveway and very nice facade; Cafe/shops at the ground floor
  • Spacious lobby with couches for receiving/entertaining visitors

  • Swimming Pool at the 7th floor

  • Gym at the ground floor

  • Function Room at the ground floor

  • Secure and dedicated mail boxes

  • 24-hour security and building maintenance

  • Walking distance to shopping and entertainment centers, dining places, supermarket, a church/chapel, banks, and other basic services (e.g. laundromat, water refilling stations, convenience stores, etc.)

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‘Loving our neighbor is at the heart of rebuilding our nation’

THIS IS THE TITLE of an article recently written by my good friend Boogie Boydon. †It is also the central theme of ‘Ang Bagong Pinoy’ (‘The New Filipino’), an online forum also launched by Boogie, first as a simple Yahoo Group, and now as a full blown online community (

I invite you to read Boogie’s article. †If you are a Pinoy I also encourage you to join Ang Bagong Pinoy as I did. †It doesn’t matter whether you reside in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world. †It also doesn’t matter whether you have already changed to your host country’s citizenship. †Once a Pinoy, always a Pinoy. †And my friends in London, New Jersey, Sidney, Dubai, Bahrain, etc. say, “AMEN!” :-D†

Here are some introductory paragraphs of Boogie’s article. Read the rest of it at the Ang Bagong Pinoy website:

‘Loving our neighbor is at the heart of rebuilding our nation’

A sense of despair is in our midst. A growing feeling of helplessness and hopelessness pervades our day-to-day lives with more and more Filipinos quietly and patiently simply waiting for an opportunity to bolt from what they perceive as a God-forsaken nation on the brink of collapse. The inability to muster enough numbers to mount another People Power is taken by some as a sign of growing apathy within our ranks. Some people say that the apathy is actually a reflection of heightened mistrust and lack of confidence in our institutions of justice, law-enforcement and governance. Read more

Fire Sale and Condo Unit for Rent

MY GOOD PAL, college buddy, and former P. Campa co-inhabitant, Mitz Picardal, is finally migrating to the US of A very soon with his wife Kaye and son Josh. †He has been avoiding this eventuality for about two decades now (his parents and siblings have been in the US since we were still in University). †He must have run out of excuses not to go.

He just sent out an e-mail broadcast announcing that he is selling all his stuff. †He is also looking for a tenant for his condo unit in Mandaluyong.

I am giving way to Mitz’s Fire Sale and Condo Unit For Rent announcements in this day’s edition of my blog. †The least I can do for him. †Also to make sure that he won’t have any excuse not to treat the gang to a “boys night out” †before his departure date. 😀


Fire Sale

Items available for sale:

  • Refrigerator
  • Electric Ovens
  • Electric Fans
  • Dining Table w/ 3 chairs
  • Sofa Bed
  • Childrens Toys (for boys ages 3-10)
  • Childrens books
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Bags
  • etc.

†Condo Unit for Rent:† One Gateway Place

†(Just at the back of Robinsons Pioneer; Infront of Globe Telecom)

  • †1-BR, 47 sq meter
  • Complete with Gas Range and Electric Hood
  • Exclusive Parking Space
  • Gym, Function Room, Kiddie pool, and 25-m Swimming Pool†

Interested parties may contact Mitz through the following means:

  • Call or Text:††††††††††† 0916.380.46.33
  • E-mail:††††††††††††††††††



Another PHILIPS Bodega Sale!

MISSED THE PHILIPS BODEGA SALE last month?† Hereís your chance to avail of the coolest and most prestigious gadgets at unbelievably low prices. †There will be another Philips Bodega Sale on October 25!

Several friends and relatives are still euphoric from the great deals they got in the last bodega sale.† Mind you, many of them will still troop to this new bodega sale on October 25.† So be there early if you do not want to make do with leftovers.

So again, as a public service I am posting here the details of the upcoming Philips Bodega Sale.† Hereís the actual invitation from Philips:


You and your loved ones are cordially invited to pass by and join us in our October Great †PHILIPS Public Bodega Sale!

When:† October 25, 2008 (9am to 7pm)

Where:† The A.Venue Mall, 7829 Makati Ave. cor Gen Juan Luna St. Makati City


  • Near Rockwell Center
  • Part of the mall development is the A.Venue Residences and Hotel Suites along Makati Ave (the high rise condo is very hard to miss)!


We will be giving discounts up to 70% off so please forward and spread the word to all your friends!!!! †

For more details, please call 667-9000.

FREE Online Training, no kidding

WWW.ALISON.COM†–>†thatís the site.† Go check it out.

I checked it out myself and it really offers free online training, from such basic courses as Introduction to Information Technology, to more technical stuff like Learning Microsoft Excel 2003, to not-at-all IT-related courses like Job Site Safety, and so on and so forth.

It promises more titles on more varied course categories soon.

Whatís the catch?† There is none it seems.† The Online Service owners are very transparent in declaring that the service is designed to be supported by online advertising, which means that it will continue to be available only, and hopefully even prosper, for as long as there are advertisers willing to spend online advertising money on it.

It is just on beta.† But that should not be any cause for concern.† After all, most of Googleís applications are in beta for several years now and zillions continue to use them. #

ìMust LOVE Treesî

(maybe even millions) of armchair environmentalists in the Philippines (I am one of them).† These are the people who claim to be concerned with the environment and the many ecological issues of our time.† They gasp in horror when they see, hear, or read about abuses to the environment.† They praise Al Gore for The Inconvenient Truth.† Yet they do nothing more than passively profess their support for environmental advocacies.

Meanwhile, while we armchair environmentalists are hawing and hewing, a group of youngsters in Bacolod decided to do something concrete about the environmental issues confronting their community.

Beatriz Hagad, a high school student in Bacolod City and one of the prime movers of the Greenwatchers MustLOVEtrees Network, tells us about it in the following news article she wrote for submission to the Boy Scout Web Portal.


Young Students Form Environmental Organization

Beatriz Hagad

Sept 10, 2008

A group of high school students in Bacolod City recently formed the Junior Greenwatchers MustLOVEtrees Network, a youth organization aiming to promote environmental awareness, in response to the local issue of the Energy Development Corporationís entry into Mt. Kanlaon Natural Parkís buffer zone.

The issue surrounding the buffer zone is that EDC would have to cut down trees within the buffer zone in order to explore for geothermal energy.

The MustLOVEtrees first event was a Yellow Ribbon Bikecade where supporters of the Save Mt. Kanlaon Coalition biked through the streets of Bacolod with banners asking to save the trees in Mt. Kanlaon.

Members of the Coalition consider the junior greenwatchers an inspiration because of their enthusiasm and how they proved what a small group can do.

The MustLOVEtrees Network is an organization under GreenWatch Philippines, Inc. and the first of many more junior greenwatchers clubs which GreenWatch hopes to form in the Philippines. #

PHILIPS Bodega Sale on SEPT 13!!!


FOR THE FIRST TIME the much anticipated Philips Bodega Sale will be held not in some out-of-the-way and hard-to-go-to bodega (warehouse) but in a commercial shopping center right in the middle of Metro Manila.

If the previous Philips Bodega Sales are any indication, it will be a crazy day in Tiendesitas in Pasig City next Saturday, September 13.

I was told the Bodega Sale will open at 9am.† If you are looking forward to owning an LCD TV, or a Home Entertainment System, or some of the other hi-tech leisure and home gadgetry Philips is very well known for, then I strongly suggest that you go early.† There will be more options to choose from and less competition to contend with.† The last Philips Bodega Sale was held at the Philips Las Pinas Warehouse.† That place is quite far and not that easy to go to yet lots of eager buyers went and hoarded whatever was available for sale.† This coming Saturday in Tiendesitas my fearless forecast is that it would be too late for you if you get there by 3pm.

So good luck and see you there!

Helping the Boy Scouts go online

MY BLOGGING ACTIVITIES took the back seat in the past week. I’ve been devoting a huge chunk of both my work and personal time into my Boy Scout projects.

I’ve been actively involved in the Scouting movement ever since I joined Delbros in May 2007. My CEO, Ed Delgado, is a member of the National Executive Board (NEB) of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He is also the chairman of the organization’s IT Committee. As his CIO, my job effectively extends to cover his Boy Scout concerns. It’s an arrangement I do not mind since I got hooked to Scouting myself the minute he brought me into it.

Last Saturday we made a “soft launch” of our Boy Scout Web Portal project by presenting it to the NEB. Developed in partnership with, the Portal is designed to be the primary online source of, and window to, all information and resources about the Scouting Movement in the Philippines.†I’m truly excited about the Portal’s potential to reach out to, and touch the lives of, more than two million Filipino young people.

We also launched the official Website of the forthcoming Asia-Pacific Scout Jamboree which the Philippines is hosting in December 2009.†#