Tech Kids

THIS PHOTO was taken approximately one year ago, some time in December 2011.

Back then, our kids, Marielle (8 at the time) and Johan (6 at the time) would still borrow their mom’s and dad’s iPads or laptops whenever they wanted to play or look up something in Google or You Tube. Now we practically have to borrow our iPads from them. They have also grown so comfortable and proficient with computers that they automatically just google stuff that interests them. Read more

The anatomy of gossip

THIS IS so true. Or probably reality is even worse than this. Not only do people reneg on their promise not to tell, they also embellish the facts – whether deliberately or not.

What I am extremely curious to know about is how Social Media plays into this. What role does gossip have, if any, in the age of Social Media? Or should it be the other way around? – What is Social Media’s role in the anatomy of gossip?

My “Dampang Marmol” (or something like it)

SOMEBODY shared this photo to me via FaceBook. I was trying to trace where or from whom it originally came from so that I can give proper credit and ask permission to repost. But knowing how easy it is to share contents in FaceBook it is already almost impossible to identify the original source unless it is incorporated into the content itself. Whoever owns this photo, thank you very much for sharing it.

I hope to build something very similar to this for myself someday. I will call it my “dampang marmol” (shanty made of marble)… my perfect getaway place where I can sleep all day or maybe write a book.

I’ll probably introduce a few modifications, however. Read more

Our “Timeless” Friendship

This colorful calendar and the rest of this blog post (after the “~~~~~” mark) were actually the works of my good friend, Aileen Caalim. She sent these via e-mail to me and the rest of the Housemates* just this afternoon. She’s been tirelessly – and futilely – trying to schedule a simple and short dinner for the Housemates for the past 12 months. Or is it 24?

I am posting Aileen’s email here (without her permission, as usual) for three specific reasons:

  1. I was amazed that she actually took the effort to put together something as complex (to me at least) as this, although I am keenly aware that this is hardly complex at all in Aileen’s standard.
  2. It very graphically and poignantly illustrates how good friends find it more and more difficult to find the time to spend with each other as they become more and more busy with the business of living their own separate lives. But still they try, never mind how pointless it gets some time.
  3. I find it extremely amusing.

The following vividly illustrates the Housemates’ “timeless” friendship. We simply do not have time!

~~~~~ Read more

On Lance Armstrong: It’s Definitely Not About the Bike

Early in September, when the controversy surrounding Lance Armstrong was just starting to heat up (again), I found out that I have a copy of his autobiographical book, “It’s Not About the Bike – My Journey Back To Life” on my iBook library. I decided that it would be the best time to read it.

It was a very engaging book and as usual with books that I really enjoy reading, I finished it in just a few days.

It is hard to reconcile, however, what you read in the book and the controversies presently hounding Lance Armstrong, especially in light of the more recent developments that would seem to seal Armstrong’s fate insofar as his biking career is concerned.

I guess I can easily agree with the title of Armstrong’s book. It’s really not about the bike. I’ll push the debate further and hazard saying that it’s not even about the dope, although, obviously that’s what brought the great man down.

Read more

Cesar who?

“HOW DO YOU pronounce Cesar’s surname, Daddy?”

Marielle’s question came from nowhere. It’s one of those typical off-tangent questions from our kids that seem to be coming more and more often, challenging our wits and, at times, our sanity.

It was a usual Habagat-soaked morning in August and we were all preparing for the day ahead – the kids to school, their mom to her office in Makati, and I to where I fancy to work that day.

“Cesar who?” I asked absentmindedly, a bit annoyed.

“Cesar, the secretary?” Marielle replied matter-of-factly.

“Secretary?” This exchange was starting to annoy me a bit. Meanwhile, her disinterested mom wouldn’t care to butt in, and I couldn’t blame her. She knew she would be dragged into a potentially impossible conversation.

“Cesar, the Secretary of Finance.” She blurted out incredulously, as if wondering why I was so slow to comprehend such a simple, basic question that any 9-year-old is sure to understand. Read more

Book Museum

WITH the dawning of the age of eBooks, libraries such as this huge one in Stockholm, Sweden will soon get a new name: Book Museums.

It will probably take many more years before all of the books in this gargantuan library will be converted to digital format. When they have been all digitized they will probably fit into a tiny chip and can all be made accessible from a single eBook reading device such as the iPad or the Kindle of our present time.

So what will it be like to go to a library in the future?

I am guessing that we will have to pay to get in. There will be guides to usher us around and explain each section. If we’re lucky we’ll meet the curator. She used to be called the Librarian.

There will be no chairs and tables. We are not supposed to sit and linger too long in one place. We are to walk around from section to section. In groups, usually.

Oh by the way, there will probably be a dress code — shorts, t-shirts, and rubber shoes are not allowed. Preferably, come in your cocktail dress.

Cameras and recording devices are not allowed.

And as the guide shows us the last remaining printed copy of a Kindergarten Text Book, there will be hushed “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” from the more sophisticated among us. A few, myself included, will probably be trying very hard to hide a yawn.



My other theory of relativity

Photo Credit:

A FRIEND of mine was telling me the other day about a guy he knows who is allegedly dating a lady about 20 years his junior. I was quick to label the guy a ‘cradle snatcher’ only to find out that my friend was referring to his dad who happens to be 83 years old.

This kinda funny exchange made me ponder about the relativity of age. Read more

Parañaque’s Golezeums

I first saw it a couple of months ago when I paid a visit to our subdivision’s homeowners association office to pay for our monthly association dues.

The previously paved but uncovered open area adjacent to our subdivision’s tiny clubhouse cum office now has a roof. And it looks beautiful. Suddenly a functional auditorium “slash” basketball court “slash” community center is right there in the middle of our subdivision.

That’s when I noticed the sign board in front: “GOLEZEUM Under Construction”

What the eff is a Golezeum? Read more

Air Mail what?

MY FRIEND Karen would probably kill me for blogging about this. But I’ll do it anyway.

We had a funny exchange over a FaceBook status she posted on her wall very recently.

Being in a cold and desolate place away from her friends for about a year already she is asking — make that begging — her FaceBook friends to send her snail mails. Can you believe that? Read more