Why Mountain Biking is extremely more dangerous than Extreme Trail Riding

Photo Credit: photos.igougo.com

“MR. SPROCKET,” our extreme trail ride ring leader, was telling us a couple of months ago how a nephew of his who is a very experienced biker (with both the motorized and the non-motorized kind) had a nasty accident while mountain biking.  His nephew dislocated a shoulder and was “detained” for recovery for at least eight weeks!

I’ve been hearing quite a lot of similar accidents from my biker friends and from the mountain biking community, some are serious enough that they can be considered life — or at least limb — threatening. Read more

Crossing rivers to the Beautiful Wawa Dam

FOR OUR extreme trail ride on March 26 we planned to check out Wawa Dam.

Wawa Dam is nestled in between two peaks in the mountains of Rizal. From a distance it is quite difficult to visualize a dam at the foot of two imposing peaks. But indeed, right there is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Most people going to Wawa Dam would take the regular road that would end near the front – and bottom – of the dam. That road is accessible to regular vehicles, even cars. Of course we were not interested in taking that route. Read more

“Near Death” Experience at Mt. Amaya

“That was the closest to a Near Death experience that I ever had!”

THAT WAS how our new riding buddy, JM, described our extreme trail ride on March 12, 2011. I meant to caution him from making premature declarations. But who am I to contradict him? If he says it was his closest to a near death experience then so be it.

What I really wanted to tell him is that there are going to be more and even worse trails to negotiate. But that would probably scare him to bits so I kept my big mouth shut. Read more

The legend of Ahahah Hill

One of our TX riders negotiating the narrow and slippery foot trail at Ahahah Hill. To his left is a 70-degree and 50-meter deep slope. Walking behind is Big Shot, ready to lend a helping hand if needed.

One of the more memorable episodes of our First Bataan Expedition on Oct. 16, 2010 happened just about 10 minutes from the start of our ride in a place that we’ve since came to call Ahahah Hill.

Now I am sure you find that a very unusual and intriguing name for a hill.  How in hell does a hill get to be named “Ahahah”?

Read more

First Bataan Expedition (Photo Blog)

I did my first out-of-town extreme trail ride on Oct. 16, 2010.  By out-of-town I mean away from the familiar trails of the slopes of Sierra Madre mountain in San Mateo, Rizal.  Before Oct. 16 all our rides have always been in San Mateo.

My first out-of-town trail ride: BATAAN

We did the northern face of Mt. Mariveles in the Bataan peninsula.  It was as great a trail ride as we’ve hoped it to be.  The view was breathtaking, the trails “different,” varied, and challenging.

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“Graduation Hill”

"Graduation Hill"
"Graduation Hill"

“Graduation Hill” is a place.  But it is not a specific place.  It varies from person to person.  In my case, my “graduation hill” is a 1- to 2-kilometer stretch of extreme downhill and uphill trails somewhere in the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal, more commonly referred to by veteran trail riders as the Roller Coaster Trail.

On June 19, 2010 I “graduated” from my beginner’s crash course in Extreme Trail Riding.  Conferring to me the honors was no other than my boss and outdoors guru, Ed Delgado.  He is also the ringleader of our small band of TX125 extreme trail riders.  My instructor whom we all fondly refer to as “BigShot” must have been very proud. Read more

Extreme Trail Ride

Independence Day Extreme Trail Ride

What better way to commemorate Independence day than to enjoy the liberating feeling of communing with nature at the same time that you get to play with an awesome new toy?

That’s exactly what I did on June 12, INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I joined my boss and adventure master, Ed Delgado, and two others in my first real Extreme Trail Ride.  Our playground:  the vast network of foot trails in the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal.  Our toy:  the TX125, a super agile, powerful, and very easy to handle dirt bike designed and put together by my boss himself. Read more