Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

HAVE you read it already? Most probably yes. If not yet, then you’re lucky. Don’t go looking for it, it’s not worth your time.

I’ve read that stupid hate-blog from Singapore a few nights ago when I was in Siem Reap (Cambodia) with my family.

share_baitBasically, it calls us Filipinos all sorts of offensive names and attempts to encourage other Singaporeans to discriminate against Pinoys in Singapore.

What was my reaction?

I was so angry I almost shared the link with my furious response. It’s a good thing I was too tired doing “temple runs” all day that I simply did not have the energy to write a  response.

Also, I know better.

It is a “share bait.” Read more

Air Mail what?

MY FRIEND Karen would probably kill me for blogging about this. But I’ll do it anyway.

We had a funny exchange over a FaceBook status she posted on her wall very recently.

Being in a cold and desolate place away from her friends for about a year already she is asking — make that begging — her FaceBook friends to send her snail mails. Can you believe that? Read more

Wanna blog? Use WordPress.

For those contemplating on starting a blog — or even putting up a Website (be it for business or pleasure) — I highly recommend WordPress.

I have used WordPress since I started blogging about 3 years ago.  Aside from my blogs (yes I maintain a number of them) I have put up and am maintaining at least half a dozen Websites all running on the WordPress platform.  I even recently set up a couple of e-commerce sites, also on WordPress.  Btw, NO PROGRAMMING SKILLS REQUIRED! Read more

“Good Grammar Is No Good”

Image Credit: karchesky via

I’m going to be fried alive by some people I know just by posting this.  But this anti-thesis to good grammar isn’t only intriguing.  The arguments are, surprisingly, compelling enough to warrant at least some serious contemplation.

Before going any further (and getting threatened with bodily harm) a DISCLAIMER is in order:  I DID NOT SAY THAT.  Somebody else did in an online article (a professional writer and an English major, mind you) and I just paraphrased the title.

I won’t go through the details (you can read the full article yourself), but here’s the gist: Read more

Facebook gets a facelift

Facebook’s newly announced Profile Page overhaul is sure to get mixed reactions from its millions of users (or are there already billions of us?).  Those who are already comfortable and “at home” with the current design will no doubt give Mark Zuckerberg a bashing for disturbing their peace.

As far as I am concerned I say, “Let’s try the new look!”

So far the most significant changes to Facebook’s profile page that I have observed is the quick summary of my personal information that now lives at the top of my page.

Read the full story via Facebook Updates Profile Pages: Navigate the New Features

Finding my way back to blogging

Until just a few days ago (Nov. 30), I haven’t blogged for 2 months and 1 day!  That is quite a long time considering my blogging behavior in the past 2 years — until after Sept. 29 (the date of my last blog entry prior to Nov. 30), that is.

It wasn’t because there was a lack of topics to blog about during those 2 months and 1 day of “dry spell.”  Truth is, a number of significant events — in my life, at least — happened during the said period.  For one, my dad passed away in October. In the first 2 weeks of November my ex-ex-girlfriend and I accompanied her parents to their pilgrimage of the Holy Land. Oh, and I almost forgot… I turned 40 (ouch!) in September. Read more

One Green Tea Latte with Soy Milk, please. Hot, Venti.

I haven’t blogged for almost two months!  Wow, that’s incredible!  It’s a story of both failure and success.

On one hand it is a failure from the point of view of time management and commitment.  I’ve committed to post at least three blog entries per week.  I have obviously failed on this commitment in the past 2 months.  There’s no telling if I will continue to fail on it. And my lame excuse for this failure in fulfilling my personal commitment?  Too busy — with work and other personal projects!  A failure in time management, doubtless. Read more

My new blogging haven

I spent the whole afternoon and early evening of January 16 (last Saturday) working on my personal blog and infoblog projects ( †I was so into it that I hardly noticed time passing me by. †I had the spacious and cozy library of Timberland Sports and Nature Club practically all to myself!

It is a perfect place for a blogger. †Good enough and FREE wi-fi, comfortable and very pleasant surrounding, quick access to the restroom and boutique (for some snacks), and… most importantly… mostly uninhabited. Read more

Warren Buffet’s Aphorisms | The Veterinarian | ‘Wondering’ begets Wisdom


I just received “The Tao of Warren Buffet” book as a gift from my ex-girlfriend. †It is a collection of profound aphorisms from investment guru and mega-philanthropist, Warren Buffet. †I just started with it but I am already immensely loving it.

Here is a sampling of Buffet’s quick wit and wisdom from the book:

“Rule No. 1: †Never Lose Money.

Rule No. 2: †Never Forget Rule No. 1.” Read more

Online Fatigue | Book Marathon

“The greatest truths are the simplest. †And so are the greatest men.” ~ Julius Charles Hare


I’ve been experiencing bouts of what I call ONLINE FATIGUE this past few weeks. †Although I manage to tweet some and blog some, each attempt is a major struggle and a huge effort. †I’m just so sick and tired of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and anything that has to do with social media.

I hope this is just temporary because I have started quite a number of online advocacy projects in which I have recruited some friends to join me. †Now that they have committed themselves to our projects I just can’t simply leave them hanging in the air, can I? Read more

Bloggers beware, Regulations are now upon us

I got very curious when I saw this item in my regular newsletter subscription from †Click here to read the full article. †So finally, the regulators are now training their guns on bloggers.

“As of December 1, the Federal Trade Commission is going to require bloggers, and prominent tweeters and Facebook types to disclose any paid endorsements to their followers, online friends and readers. These new rules have the potential to change everyone’s online habits.”

I’be been a blogger for almost two years now and I can attest to the power and potential of blogging as a medium for disseminating information. †As with any information medium, it can work for both good and evil ends and all shades in between.

I knew all along that regulation is bound to happen in Blogosphere. †It’s just a matter of time. †And that time has come. Read more