Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

HAVE you read it already? Most probably yes. If not yet, then you’re lucky. Don’t go looking for it, it’s not worth your time.

I’ve read that stupid hate-blog from Singapore a few nights ago when I was in Siem Reap (Cambodia) with my family.

share_baitBasically, it calls us Filipinos all sorts of offensive names and attempts to encourage other Singaporeans to discriminate against Pinoys in Singapore.

What was my reaction?

I was so angry I almost shared the link with my furious response. It’s a good thing I was too tired doing “temple runs” all day that I simply did not have the energy to write a  response.

Also, I know better.

It is a “share bait.” Read more

The joy of reading

I LOVE this photo a lot. Not only because it so eloquently portrays my personal love of books and reading. It also reminds me how I usually get delightedly lost in the many wonderful worlds in the stories I read.

I don’t know where this photo was taken from or who took it (I just grabbed it from a friend’s Facebook status update). It looks like it was shot right here in the Philippines.

Whoever took this photo, thank you very much.

Youth, the hope of the future


This photo of a young mangrove tree was taken in Balaisdaan in San Juan, Batangas.

Several of these mangrove “seedlings” are being grown here for replanting in the swampy coastal communities in San Juan and neighboring towns in Batangas.

This and similar initiatives in many other coastal places in the country  will hopefully reclaim the thousands of hectares of mangrove forests that have already been lost nationwide due to man’s habitation if coastal areas.

Mangrove forests are a natural habitat for several endangered marine animals. They are also a rich source of food for other animals endemic in coastal areas as well as a source for food and wood for people in these areas.


I SAW these photos in a forwarded email that landed on my bulk folder a couple of months ago. My first reaction was that of utter disbelief. “This can’t be true!” “Maybe this is just a hoax.” “Maybe these are just manipulated images.”

A closer scrutiny of the images, however, dashed all of my hopes that the scenes in the photos are unreal. They are real. There is no doubt about it. I can’t conjure the right words to describe how I feel about these photos so I’ll keep it at that. The photos speak for themselves.

Click on the “Continue Reading” link to view the entire gory gallery. Read more

Cool Stuff: Book Recycling Ideas with a Touch of Art

WITH more and more people switching to e-Books, traditional books will have to find some other ways to remain useful.

Here are some really ingenious ideas from Recyclart.

Book Chandelier
Laptop Stand

Read more

Bohol’s Man-Made Forest

It is probably the most successful reforestation project ever made in the Philippines.  And I’m quite pleased – and proud – to learn that it was made possible through the efforts of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

The man-made forest covers several hundred hectares in a hilly portion in Bohol island’s interior.  The trees are fully grown now, mostly over 30 meters tall.  The surrounding is serene and lovely. With the rays of the sun just barely penetrating the thick foliage covering the landscape, the effect is almost surreal. Read more

I am a UNICEF Champion for Children

Every now and then my wallet becomes annoyingly thick.  Most people would not mind a thick wallet and I normally wouldn’t either, except that mine is thick not because of cash but all sorts of stuff, including cards that I hardly ever use.

I was in a “wallet clean-up” mode last night when I noticed this card that has been in my wallet for at least three months already.

It is my Unicef “Unite For Children” card.  And it will stay in my wallet.

I was given this card because I am donating a small monthly sum paid through my credit card.  I am not proud of the monthly donation that I am making but I am happy to be able to help in my own small way.  I know that I can do more.  In due time I will.

Regardless of my small contribution to UNICEF’s funds, I am PROUD to be a UNICEF Champion for Children.  It is an advocacy I have embraced a long time ago and I am glad that UNICEF, among other like-minded NGOs are leading the way to promote the welfare of children.

Allow me to list down herewith the rights of children. Read more

Small daily aspirin dose ‘cuts cancer risk’

I find this article worth sharing considering the very alarming statistics on cancer deaths in the Philippines and worldwide.  Frankly, who needs statistics when it comes to the big, bad C?  Almost everyone is personally touched by this disease.  Do you know of anybody who does not know somebody — an immediate family member, a relative, a friend, an officemate, a classmate, and so on — afflicted with cancer?

I’ve been personally touched by this disease many times over.  My Nanay had two major surgeries due to cancer.  The first one cost her a breast.  I stopped counting the aunts and uncles, friends, and acquaintances who have died from cancer. Read more

A heartbreaking book

The Muted Cry
The Muted Cry

What’s with me lately that I seem to be drawn into reading depressing books?  Within days from finishing a very disturbing book, “Speak You Also,” I found myself flipping the pages of “The Muted Cry:  stories of working children.”

I must clarify that a disturbing or depressing book does not equate to bad book.  On the contrary, these disturbing and depressing books I’ve been reading lately were very well written and they deeply touched sensitivities that I didn’t even know I have before reading these books.

That clarification is important especially because The Muted Cry, which was commissioned by the International Labour Office, was edited by no less than our good friend Loree Cruz-Mante.  Loree and her husband James are dear friends to me and my xGF and I can swear to Loree’s book writing (and editing) prowess.

I usually devour a book once I get started with it.  I couldn’t do that with The Muted Cry.  I feel so bad for those hapless children whose stories were compiled and narrated in the book that I could manage only a story at a time, 2 at most.

It is an eye opener, and I hope more people can get to read this book.  The Philippines is one of the countries whose child labor situation is so dire.  Surely, something can and must be done about it and soon.

I voted for Earth

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As we love to say among our dabakards, “let’s all ‘pitch in’ to this.” †I believe this is one cause that nobody will quarrel about and†everybody should contribute to.

I just cast my vote and I am inviting you to do the same. †It won’t take 2 minutes of your time. †And you can do it right here.

Web Browser, 15yo | How to ward off Swine Flu | Russian Proverb

browser_at_15A mighty lot of people spend a lot of their waking hours with this guy, Web Browser. †But did you know that Mr. Browser just turned 15? †He — or rather the world — celebrated his 15th birthday on October 13. †How? †With lots of surfing, I suppose.

Read more about it at


Procedures Recommended by Physicians to Avoid AH1N1 (Swine Flu)

The only portals of entry of the H1N1 virus are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it’s almost impossible not†to come into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is. Read more