Extreme Family Adventures in the Sand Dunes of Laoag (video)

Extreme Family Adventures in the Sand Dunes of Laoag (video)

LAOAG CITY. MAY 2, 2014. – It’s the second and last day of our Ilocos family road trip. We just visited the bell tower ruins of Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. Our next stop in our very busy itinerary for the day: the sand dunes of La Paz in Laoag City.

We arrived in the sand dunes of Laoag City around 1:00PM. Not the ideal time to do any of the activities waiting for us in the sand dunes. We know that all too well but we really did not have much choice. That was the only available time for us to visit the place.

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Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

DURING OUR family’s visit to General Santos City and South Cotabato last month (May 24-25) we got to visit the famous Seven Falls of Lake Sebu, courtesy of our good friends: Kuya Bob Gerada and the still honeymooning couple, Ryan and Liezel Briones.

Marielle and Nikka as they are about to take off in tandem.
Marielle and Nikka as they are about to take off in tandem.

Needless to say, Marielle (almost 11 yo) and Johan (9 yo) were ecstatic to find out that another zipline adventure awaited them in Lake Sebu.

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Flying high in Chang Mai

I WAS sorting through a pile of some old stuff a few weekends ago and look what I found?!

This photo was taken in Chang Mai, Thailand.

I can no longer seem to pin down the date, however. In my recollection I was attending a regional conference conducted by the IBM Software Group at the time. Cross-referencing it against my job history in my CV I am guessing that it was some time between 2001 and 2003.

Nobody knew where I was and what crazy stuff I was doing at that very moment – not my family, not my colleagues in the conference, no one.

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Cute Extreme Climber

I JUST thought I would share this. This lady climber is such a beauty to behold. She’s not only cute, she seems to be a very serious and a very proficient climber, as well. But what I like most about her is that she doesn’t seem to have those over-developed muscles – common among some lady climbers – that can make Arnold Schwarzenegger feel insecure. She’s still very much huggable. :)

Maybe somebody can recognize her and tell me her name. I’m a fan.

I no longer remember when, where, an how I got this photo. I serendipitously found it in one of my file archives. My re-discovery of it has inspired me to look forward to climbing again, and soon, if possible. Read more

A view from the pot

Pot Pool

Look what’s cooking?! Make that “Look who’s cooking?” or, to be more grammatically correct about it, “Look who is getting cooked?”

This is actually a very late post. Almost a year old now. I created it on first week of December last year, right after our family vacation in Pagudpud. Apparently I forgot to publish it and it was in my draft folder for the past 11 months. Silly me. Read more

The Extreme Water Slides of White Rock Subic

This will be my last blog post featuring my family’s recent visit in White Rock Resort in Subic, else other people may already think that I am being paid to promote the place. :)


STRICTLY SPEAKING, White Rock Resort in Subic is not a water theme park (like Splash Island along SLEx in San Pedro/Biñan, Laguna). But it offers a pleasant surprise to people who, not unlike myself, love the thrill of extreme water slides.

It features not one, not two, but three extreme water slides.

First is the Rampage Slide, which is simply a 45-degree slide from a height of approximately 50 feet (about the height of an 8-story building), and ends in a shallow pool.

Next is the Super-Bowl Slide, which starts from the same approximately 8-story platform of the Rampage Slide and goes down a long barrel slide which is about 80-100 feet long. The barrel slide dumps into a huge “bowl” where you continue to slide around a couple of times before getting literally flushed down the middle and into a 5-foot deep pool.

Lastly, there’s the See-Saw Slide which may look deceivingly “easy” to some, but guarantees a big scare with its initial “dead drop.” Read more

Missing Sagada

I FIRST visited Sagada with my xGF and our good friends, Eden and Justin Salimbot, way back in 2001.

I immediately fell in love with Sagada and vowed to visit it again in the not so distant future.

Well, it’s been 11 years. There had been attempts – or at least plans – to revisit Sagada in the past few years, but one way or the other it wouldn’t come to fruition.

Maybe what it takes is to get Eden and Justin to go with us again.


I wonder how much – or how little – the place has changed in the past decade. I do hope it hasn’t changed much. After all, the allure of Sagada is its ancient and timeless beauty. Read more


Ever wondered what it is like to be “flushed” down a toilet bowl? Yaiks!

You can find out for yourself. I did.

Check out this 14 sec video clip I took of myself while sliding down an 8-story high tube slide which ends in a big “bowl” with a hole in the middle. It’s probably the closest thing you will get to knowing how it feels like to be flushed down a toilet bowl. LOL.

It is called the SUPERBOWL SLIDE. You can find it in White Rock Resort in Subic, Zambales.

The SuperBowl Slide is not a new attraction in White Rock. I’ve been to White Rock with my family 3 or 4 years ago and it was already there. I’ve already tried it several times way back then, but I still tried it several times more when my family went to visit White Rock again two weekends ago. I love that slide, and so far I haven’t seen anything similar in the many resorts and theme parks I’ve been too.

Not my idea of a zoo tour

I ALWAYS seek opportunities for close encounters with wild animals but this one doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Sure the cage must have been built sturdy enough without the possibility of collapsing, but still…

On the other hand, it may well be one hell of a thrill ride especially if I will be joined by some of my equally crazy and thrill-seeking friends. Dare to join us?

But first we need to figure out where this zoo is. Do you know?

Destinations to add to my Bucket List

My BUCKET LIST is getting longer and longer! Soon it is no longer appropriate to call it a “bucket List.” How does a “Bath Tub List” sound? Or even a “Swimming Pool List”?

The Cave of Crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico | Photo Credit: www.boredpanda.com

Thanks to the Internet, Facebook, and the iPad I’m discovering great must-visit places that I’ve not even heard before. The only problem is that I’m discovering too many of them too soon! Read more

USS Battlestar Galactica: Extreme Roller Coaster Rides

AMONG THE Universal Studios Singapore attractions, the ultimate “high” (pun intended) for thrill addicts like me are the twin Battlestar Galactica roller coasters in the Sci Fi zone.  After all, they hold the distinction of being the “world’s tallest dueling roller coasters.”

The blue and red are the interwoven tracks of the dueling Human and Cylon roller coasters of BattleStar Galactica in Sci Fi City of Universal Studios Singapore

Again, Johan was itching to try both but failed the minimum height criteria by a full half foot. Marielle couldn’t be coaxed into trying it even if her life would have depended on it. Marie had the convenient excuse of staying with the kids.

Truth be told, I was scared to bits.  But I knew I had to do it then and there.  It wasn’t like I could go to USS anytime I feel like it, you know. Read more

Ancient Egypt, according to Universal Studios Singapore

Ancient Egypt, Universal Studios SingaporeMY EX-EXGIRLFRIEND and I had the chance to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt late last year as part of our HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE TOUR. Yes, I am referring to the real pyramids in the real Egypt. However, our tour package did not include the other must-visit sites like the famed Luxor, with its ornate and majestic temples and royal mausoleums.

We had a taste of some of that during our family holiday in Singapore last May, as you will see in our photo slideshow below.

Ancient Egypt is one of the major “zones” in Universal Studios Singapore. Of course, this is ancient Egypt according to Hollywood, or more precisely, according to Universal Studios. Read more