Christmas is in the… skyscrapers


THIS IS not a particularly good photo if I must say so. However, considering that I took it with just my iPhone camera through my car’s windshield while driving on top of the Buendia flyover… I’d say it is not half as bad after all.

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A white-washed anniversary get-away

IT IS also known as Marinduque’s Elephant Island. Bellarocca is an island resort characterized by white-painted buildings and villas that has the look (and supposedly feel) of the famous Greek island of Santorini.


My family went to Santorini, I mean Bellarocca, to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary in December 2011 (almost exactly a year ago). It is an idyllic, picture-perfect place for a family vacation. It is the perfect place if your idea for a vacation is to lie down lazily under the sun or dip the whole day in the pool or in the sea while sipping margarita. Read more

Revisiting PAHIYAS

I WAS married for just about half a year when I went to see my very first PAHIYAS Festival in Lucban, Quezon in May 2001 with my former girlfriend and now permanent ex-girlfriend, Marie. So I guess you can say that PAHIYAS was a big part of our HONEYMOON.

As you can see from our photos, the PAHIYAS seems an ideal event for honeymooners to go and see. At least it seemed that way to us some 11 years ago. :) Read more

The Extreme Water Slides of White Rock Subic

This will be my last blog post featuring my family’s recent visit in White Rock Resort in Subic, else other people may already think that I am being paid to promote the place. :)


STRICTLY SPEAKING, White Rock Resort in Subic is not a water theme park (like Splash Island along SLEx in San Pedro/Biñan, Laguna). But it offers a pleasant surprise to people who, not unlike myself, love the thrill of extreme water slides.

It features not one, not two, but three extreme water slides.

First is the Rampage Slide, which is simply a 45-degree slide from a height of approximately 50 feet (about the height of an 8-story building), and ends in a shallow pool.

Next is the Super-Bowl Slide, which starts from the same approximately 8-story platform of the Rampage Slide and goes down a long barrel slide which is about 80-100 feet long. The barrel slide dumps into a huge “bowl” where you continue to slide around a couple of times before getting literally flushed down the middle and into a 5-foot deep pool.

Lastly, there’s the See-Saw Slide which may look deceivingly “easy” to some, but guarantees a big scare with its initial “dead drop.” Read more


Ever wondered what it is like to be “flushed” down a toilet bowl? Yaiks!

You can find out for yourself. I did.

Check out this 14 sec video clip I took of myself while sliding down an 8-story high tube slide which ends in a big “bowl” with a hole in the middle. It’s probably the closest thing you will get to knowing how it feels like to be flushed down a toilet bowl. LOL.

It is called the SUPERBOWL SLIDE. You can find it in White Rock Resort in Subic, Zambales.

The SuperBowl Slide is not a new attraction in White Rock. I’ve been to White Rock with my family 3 or 4 years ago and it was already there. I’ve already tried it several times way back then, but I still tried it several times more when my family went to visit White Rock again two weekends ago. I love that slide, and so far I haven’t seen anything similar in the many resorts and theme parks I’ve been too.

A chilly day in Pagudpud

Day 2 of our Nov 26-28 Ilocos Norte family vacation.

Pagudpud Family Outing (Day 2)IT was a gloomy day on our first full day in Pagudpud on November 27. It was raining the whole morning and the wind was chilly cold.

By 10am Kuya Mike and I decided to scout around “Blue Lagoon” to find alternative eating places. Having eaten dinner and breakfast in exactly the same corner of the cafeteria/restaurant of Hannah’s Hotel and Resort, we were eager to try something different, more “local,” and less expensive. Read more

Destination: Marinduque

Trip to Marinduque

DECEMBER 2, 2011 – For our annual family vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary this year, my xxGF and I brought Marielle and Johan to a still undisclosed place somewhere in Marinduque (i.e. the kids did not have any idea where exactly we were going until we got there). Read more

Destination: Ilocos Norte

Laoag International Airport

NOVEMBER 26, 2011 – A 2-year-old plan to visit places in Ilocos Norte finally came into fruition. It was an extended family vacation arranged by my “bilas” (i.e. my sister-in-law’s husband), Dr. Mike Sabas, who is a native of Batac.

It was the first trip to Ilocos of Marielle and Johan. As for me, the last time I visited Ilocos was in the summer of 1998!

We arrived at Laoag International Airport via Philippine Airlines flight PR-226 shortly before lunch on November 26. Read more

Swimming on Top of the World

They aren’t the highest known swimming pools in the world. I believe that distinction — and many other “highest” or “tallest” distinctions — belongs to some skyscrapers in Dubai. But they are the highest ones we can probably ever afford to go to.


I am referring to the now famous rooftop swimming pools of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

It was an extraordinary experience for the entire family. I was thrilled by it as much as — or probably even more than — my kids.

And we have my ex-exgirlfriend to thank for insisting to squeeze Marina Bay Sands Hotel into our super tight travel itinerary. It was worth it!

View the rest of our photos while Swimming on Top of the World.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel — Singapore’s Newest Icon

MARINA BAY SANDS HOTEL is one of the most desired destinations in the world today. It is also one of the most photographed and now universally recognizable man-made structures.

Our family had the chance to stay in MBSH for a single night during our 5-day Singapore family holiday in late May. It wasn’t in our original itinerary but my ex-exgirlfriend insisted on it, notwithstanding that it was quite expensive. In hindsight I must thank her for it was worth it. The kids found the whole place awesome and we had some really great time at the rooftop the following day.

Here’s a slideshow of our photos of MBSH and ourselves in the hotel. (Our rooftop swimming pool photos will be featured in a separate post soon).

Around Sentosa, part 3 of 3

OH BOY, it’s been more than three months since our Singapore Family Holiday and I am still blogging about it. We’ve simply had too many wonderful experiences from the many great places we’ve visited in Singapore and it would be a real shame if I don’t get to share them through my blog. So please bear with me.


MAY 30, 2011, SINGAPORE – On the 3rd day of our Singapore Family vacation we explored the many attractions of Sentosa (exclusive of Universal Studios Singapore and Resort World Sentosa). Several years ago I used to tell friends that Singapore is so small you can visit all its attractions in just two days. That’s not true anymore (and I am eating my words!). Now you need a full week, maybe even 10 days, to explore all that Singapore has to offer. The people running tourism in Singapore are amazing. They are able to offer more with whatever little piece of real estate they have. I hope I can say the same for the Philippines in the not so distant future. Read more