Who is Gertrude of Arabia?

Who is Gertrude of Arabia?

HAVE YOU heard of Gertrude of Arabia? We’ve probably all heard of Lawrence, but Gertrude? I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard of her because I also did not know anything about her until recently.

She’s supposed to be  the woman who literally invented Iraq. How’s that? Read more

My big “Little Mermaid” (video)

My big “Little Mermaid” (video)

MARIELLE WAS apprehensive when she learned (at the last minute) that her mom enrolled her in a TRIAL mermaid swimming lesson at Crimson Hotel in Alabang. But as soon as her blue mermaid flippers hit the water she started loving every moment of it, however.

Watch her slideshow-video:

Marielle became more relaxed and confident both on and underneath the surface of the water. She even learned the proper breathing technique for long and deep swims.

Now here’s the problem: she wants me to find and buy her own mermaid flippers.

Pink Panther on Piano by Johan Saculles (video)

Pink Panther on Piano by Johan Saculles (video)

JOHAN PLAYED the cool “Pink Panther” theme music during his most recent piano recital. Please check it out.

For his second piece Johan played “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

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All Strings Attached

FIRST, I have to give credit to Marielle for creating this cheesy but quite appropriate photo art (using Photofunia, I assume).

Marie is actually complaining about this photo. She said that to be fair, Marielle should have also used her college graduation photo. But that would not have made the photo right either, because although Marielle used my graduation photo (According to her it is the only decent enough photo of me that she could find. Ouch!), it was actually taken during my MBA graduation just about 5 years ago.

Setting aside our frivolous complaints, Marielle actually made a photo that perfectly captures the very essence of the last 12 years. Yes, it’s been 12 years that Marie and I have been stringed and attached together. As far as I can tell neither of us is complaining. Or maybe I should speak only for myself, LOL.

Our life together isn’t perfect and between the two of us there are still many dreams that are yet to be realized. But our own personal dreams have now been set aside in favor of our dreams for – and the personal dreams of – our two wonderful kids, Marielle (9) and Johan (7). I guess you can say that Marielle and Johan are the strings that bind us together, forever.


Revisiting PAHIYAS

I WAS married for just about half a year when I went to see my very first PAHIYAS Festival in Lucban, Quezon in May 2001 with my former girlfriend and now permanent ex-girlfriend, Marie. So I guess you can say that PAHIYAS was a big part of our HONEYMOON.

As you can see from our photos, the PAHIYAS seems an ideal event for honeymooners to go and see. At least it seemed that way to us some 11 years ago. :) Read more

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

RIP, Steve.


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This craze called Oktoberfest and my theory about the fuzzy relationship of beer and cleavage

I DIDN’T really understand all the excitement about Oktoberfest until I saw these photos from an article on The Telegraph (via FlipBoard on the iPad) announcing the opening of Oktoberfest 2011 in Munich, Germany.

Now I at least have a little appreciation of why men from all over the world are drooling to experience it.

As for the ladies… well, I guess they love the idea of drooling men. After all, beer possesses this wonderful effect of making all women look uniformly gorgeous. That’s not to say that the ladies going to Oktoberfest are not gorgeous, however. Judging from these photos lots of them are, in fact, blissfully gorgeous.

What is still fuzzy to me, however, is the significance or connection of cleavage to beer during Oktoberfest. Surely, for something that’s been going on for ages there must be a scientific explanation to it.

After downing a few bottle of beers I guess I’m ready to give it a try (postulating a theory, that is). Read more

My first (and probably last) attempt at Wedding Photography

AUGUST 13, 2011. Our good friend, Liezel Jean Gerada finally tied the knot with long-time love, Ryan Briones. Theirs is a love story made for soap operas.

Their wedding day has two profound significance: (1) It was the realization of a “Love Worth Waiting For”… and (2) it was my first real attempt at Wedding Photography. Read more

Enjoying Andrew Lloyd Weber and Pepper Steak

JUNE 26, 2011.  Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, CCP.  My xxGF managed to see one of the only 13 runs of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber for the Manila leg of its Australia, New Zealand and Asia Tour.  As of this posting I believe the show just wrapped up its Singapore leg.

Which means that I can now write about it.  I try to avoid blogging about a show while it is still running so that I would not unnecessarily influence other people’s decision to see it or not.

So what do I think about The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber? Read more

Visita Iglesia 2011

Manila Cathedral

Visiting churches is one of the most popular family activities in the Philippines during Holy Week, especially among Catholics.

It is one “panata” (devotion) that our young family has so far managed to keep for several years now.

For 2011, we decided to visit churches in the city of Manila.  These are the nine churches we visited (in this sequence): Read more

A rare reunion. A send-off for Dyk.

Exactly a month ago today, I attended a rare and almost impromptu reunion with former colleagues and good friends from my ACI/IBM days.  A very dear friend, Dyk Raymundo, was to leave the country for New Zealand in less than two weeks.  He’ll be joined there by his wife Jen shortly after and, together, they’ll try and establish a new life for themselves in the land of the Kiwis.  For good. Read more