Counting Stars by OneRepublic, cover by Johan Saculles (video)

A NO-GUILT plug for my kiddo’s great performance during the Summer Voice & Piano Recitals at Merville Sacred Heart School.

Please watch and share. Thanks.

And please bear with the bad lighting. That’s the lousy videographer’s (me) fault. :)

Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan!

The meanest and funniest prank

THIS IS a very mean prank. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the people targeted by this prank. At the same time I was rolling on the floor laughing all throughout the duration of the video clip. I guess, I’m bad. But so are you, I bet. 😀

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Christmas in Manila is like no other

Brightly lit and ornately decorated thoroughfares and buildings, colorful parols (Christmas lanterns), Tagalog Christmas songs… these are just some of the things that make Christmas in Metro Manila memorable and unique.

And they have all been captured in this approximately 10-minute video clip that I have stumbled upon just earlier today.

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You Tube is the future of Karaoke/Videoke

It’s happening. †More and more songs are now available in You Tube, complete with lyrics.


Incidentally, if you are a Beatles fan then you will love this link: † †It boasts of a huge selection of the greatest Beatles hits, with lyrics, for you to sing along with. †I am a Beatles fan myself, although I have to make the disclaimer that The Beatles are two generations ahead of me. Read more

Another amazing, and moving, sand drawing

Image grabbed from You Tube
Image grabbed from You Tube

This amazing artist’s name is Kseniya Simonova and the world apparently discovered her through the Ukraine Got Talent show. †She has since taken YouTube by a sandstorm (pun intended).

I’ve seen a lot of Ms. Simonova’s “live” renditions in You Tube and I am amazed at each one. †This one has one other ingredient added to it — intense, moving emotion. †This is graphic arts and performing arts rolled into one.

Open the full article to view the video. †Enjoy it and feel it. Read more

Super Sweet Kids | Sting Ad | Chinese Proverb

mysupersweetkidsThey are the sweetest! †And they adore each other.

It has long been settled that both Marielle and Johan got their good looks from their mom. †And I am happy that they did.

But they couldn’t have gotten their sweetness from her, too.

There’s no contest about it. †They got it from me.


I love the Sting TVC. †It is so cool and hilarious. †About time that Pepsico comes out with good quality and locally made ads. Read more

Surreal yet so real

After spending almost 7-hours in the relative safety of my car in a luckily still-flood-free road, I was stunned to hear, read, and see the devastation brought about by Typhoon Ondoy. †At first I found it difficult to comprehend the messages flooding my Twitter account: flood water reaching 3rd floor of many houses? people in rooftops (including some known personalities)? SUVs carried by water current? †Cars stockpiled like match boxes? †Motorists drowned right inside their cars?

But by now I know that all of these are for real. †And even as more photos and video clips are flooding Social Media and You Tube, I know that even at this very moment various life-and-death drama are still taking place in many areas in Metro Manila. Read more