Super Sweet Kids | Sting Ad | Chinese Proverb

mysupersweetkidsThey are the sweetest! †And they adore each other.

It has long been settled that both Marielle and Johan got their good looks from their mom. †And I am happy that they did.

But they couldn’t have gotten their sweetness from her, too.

There’s no contest about it. †They got it from me.


I love the Sting TVC. †It is so cool and hilarious. †About time that Pepsico comes out with good quality and locally made ads. Read more

Hairspray Movie-Musical is entertainment galore

WE SELDOM†watch movies on HBO†anymore but we had a lucky break two Sundays ago (Nov 30, about 9:00 o’clock PM). †While aimlessly switching channels on Sky Cable my ex-girlfriend and I chanced upon Hairspray the movie-musical that featured a singing and dancing John Travolta reminiscent of Grease 1 and 2. † But there’s an added twist to John Travolta’s role in Hairspray. †She… I mean he played the role of a woman, and an oversized woman at that.

The movie is hilarious. †The retro costumes and set are nicely done. †And the songs are great, too.

Aside from John Travolta, Hairspray is graced by several other big-name stars including Michelle Pfeiffer (oh yes, she sings and dances too), Queen Latifah, Zac Efron (of HSM fame), Amanda Bynes and Christopher Walken. †The lead star, Nikki Blonsky, is relatively unknown but she did pull her weight (pun intended) side by side with the stellar cast.

The movie was supposed to have been released last year but if you (like us, until recently) haven’t seen it yet then catch it on HBO. †I am sure it is still showing. #