Parañaque’s Golezeums

I first saw it a couple of months ago when I paid a visit to our subdivision’s homeowners association office to pay for our monthly association dues.

The previously paved but uncovered open area adjacent to our subdivision’s tiny clubhouse cum office now has a roof. And it looks beautiful. Suddenly a functional auditorium “slash” basketball court “slash” community center is right there in the middle of our subdivision.

That’s when I noticed the sign board in front: “GOLEZEUM Under Construction”

What the eff is a Golezeum? Read more

Where does the Philippines really stand in the Global Offshore Outsourcing industry?

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A few weeks ago various Philippine media networks were all trumpeting how the Philippines has already surpassed, or will soon surpass, India as the world’s Number One in offshore outsourcing.  I picked up the “press releases” via Twitter.

I have a particular interest on this subject so I tried finding “hard data” about the report.  Oddly enough, I had difficulty finding the data source for said press releases. Read more

“The Honorables” – The greatest entertainment show in the Philippines

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As the Fifteenth Congress of the Philippines officially opened on July 27, I couldn’t help but be awed at what may well be the most colorful and most interesting assembly of “honorables” to grace the country’s most august body, particularly in the lower house.

I took it upon myself to put together a Who’s Who List.  It is by no means exhaustive, but it should be sufficient to guarantee a “great show” on the floors of Congress.

Grab your tickets!  The show has started!

Here are some of the stars of the House of Representatives in the 15th Congress. Read more

Shame List: ‘like thieves in the night’



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"Hall of Shame"Photo Credit:


LOVE ’em, or hate ’em. †Here they are. †The 172 CONGRESSMEN WHO APPROVED THE CON-ASS, in alphabetical order.

I am dismayed, although I can’t really say I am surprised, that two of our congressmen in my home province of Isabela — Rodolfo Albano III, 1st district and Edwin Uy, 2nd district — are on the list. †So is one of our congressmen in my MM residence in ParaÃ’aque — Ed Zialcita, 1st district. Read more

Online Mock Election: Who will you vote for as the next President of the Philippines

ASSUMING the 2010 Presidential Election is already ongoing at this very moment, who will you vote for?




Based on what we read in the papers, hear on radio, and watch on TV, here are the possible candidates in 2010. †Some of them have actually declared their intentions already. †Some are being positioned by their respective parties and/or supporters. †Just a handful of them will probably end up facing each other in the actual election in 2010. †But until then, let’s just assume that all of them will run and have no legal restrictions to do so. †Of course this presupposes that there will be an election in 2010 in the first place.


[poll id=”3″]


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Wolves in sheeps’ clothings?


The Pangandaman Brothers


NOW LOOK at that photo? †Don’t they look angelic? Innocent? †Aren’t they the ‘can’t hurt’ and ‘won’t hurt’ anybody type? †Can you actually believe that they are capable of mauling an elderly fellow and his 14-year-old son in front of their hapless daughter and sister, respectively?

Well my answer to both questions is a resounding YES! †Yes, they can! †Because they could.

And they will do it again… and again… and again… because they know that they will get away with it every time.

After reading on the papers and hearing on radio yesterday the Pangandamans’ counter charges against the Dela Paz’s I could hardly contain myself from swearing. †It’s repulsive.

I second the punishment proposed by my blogging buddy, Dominique Cimafranca, in his blog post last December 30: †Ban the Pangandamans from all glof clubs, forever!

Note: †Photo ‘grabbed’ from the front page of The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jan 6, 2009.


New Year, new hopes, new Philippines?

THAT’S THE TITLE of Harvey S. Keh‘s Filofax column in Manila Bulletin last Sunday and I am echoing it here in my blog because it aptly represents my thoughts and dreams for the New Year — †New Hopes! †I am not sure about ‘New Philippines’ though. †But ignore me on that. †It’s just the pessimist and cynical me. (Do I sound like I am describing you, too?, LOL)

I was hoping to find the online version of the article so I can put a link here but it is not yet available, apparently. †I will post the link as soon as it becomes available.


“The challenge for us is to leave behind our old ways of being apathetic and indifferent to politics in our country.† If we want a new Philippines and if we want a better future for all of us, then we have to become new Filipinos as well…”

– Harvey S. Keh on Filofax,†Manila Bulletin, Jan 4 (page K-4)

The Chair Wrecker’s Theory on why the biggest crooks are pushing for Chacha

THIS MAKES for a very interesting, albeit a little heady, read. †The article below was lifted from Billy Esposo’s column. †I am posting it here in my blog without Billy’s knowledge and permission. † I just want to share it with whoever is interested to read it but failed to grab a copy of the Philippine Star.


Why the biggest crooks are pushing for Cha cha economic reform†


by William M. Esposo

macesposo@ and

Updated December 11, 2008 12:00 AM

The ambassador of an important European country shared with me this observation about our country: “More than anywhere else, over here the obvious is not what it seems to be.”

Ambassadors should be the most knowledgeable when it comes to seeing through diplomatic facades. Behind the smiles and polite answers they receive, they are trained to spot the truth and recognize the real situation prevailing in the country where they are assigned.

The layers of deception that one has to wade through here could well apply to the so-called economic reform being peddled with Charter change (Cha cha) in the light of this alarming piece of information that was shared with me recently by a national security and intelligence local expert.

Essentially, what this national security and intelligence expert told me was this ? some of the country’s biggest plunderers, very possibly in league with jueteng and drug lords, are pushing for the proposed economic reform in the planned Charter change which pertains to allowing foreigners to own land in the Philippines.

The source said that many of the legislators as well as the other persons representing various sectors who are pushing for the proposed economic reform are not even aware of the insidious agenda and the cast of police characters in this play.

At first, I thought that the idea was preposterous. That is because I failed to see the connection between plunderers, jueteng and drug lords and foreigners or foreign firms being allowed to own land here.

However, when the information source started elaborating ? it did strike a live wire and started to make sense. What follows is what the national security and intelligence expert outlined.

1. The recent collapse of Lehman Brothers and the other big financial institutions panicked those with big hoards being stashed abroad. In fact, several opinion writers have mentioned (though this remains to be confirmed) that a favorite usual suspect lost over P20 billion in the Lehman Brothers collapse.

2. The financial team of a big plunderer felt that their hoard was perhaps better placed here in the Philippines through front companies organized and registered overseas. They are more familiar with the terrain here compared to the prevailing situation overseas where they do not know anymore which financial institution is still stable and won’t collapse.

3. Their plan also calls for taking advantage of the negative effects of the global financial crisis and buy blue chip Philippine companies that may be sold at a bargain price. They will follow the dictum that the best time to invest is when there is blood on the streets.

4. Furthermore, their hoard, if invested here under front companies that have been organized and registered overseas, will be welcomed and even extended the usual incentives that are offered to foreign investors.

5. Having been organized and registered overseas, these front companies will not be accessible to local graft and corruption crusaders.

6. Owning some of the best blue chip firms in the Philippines will give them respectability and economic clout which they can translate to political muscle.

Now that explanation got your Chair Wrecker really thinking. If you try to see things as these plunderers, jueteng and drug lords would likely see it from their point of need under the prevailing global financial turmoil ? the plan would seem very logical and appealing.

In a previous column, I disagreed with the proposal to open land ownership to foreigners. I felt that with their wealth the Chinese and South Koreans can end up buying the bulk of choice real estate here and raise the price to a level few Filipinos can afford. Already we’ve been getting reports that front companies are buying a lot of land through Filipino dummies ? tolerated by the government.

Besides, what will attract foreigners to invest here is not the privilege to own Philippine land. It is good governance, the rule of law, a predictable judiciary, peace and order, a climate of industrial peace, infrastructure that is at par with ASEAN competitors, affordable energy and political stability. None of these will be delivered by the proposed Cha cha economic reform. All these can be delivered under the present Constitution if the present Constitution is followed by a competent and honest government.

Allowing foreigners to own land here will not make them overlook that we do not have good governance, the rule of law, a predictable judiciary, peace and order, a climate of industrial peace, infrastructure that is at par with ASEAN competitors, affordable energy and political stability. Offering foreign investors the privilege to own land is like offering to donate your liver to one who needs a kidney transplant.

China and Vietnam do not allow foreign investors to own land but they get the bulk of foreign investors in Asia. There is a good lesson to learn there ? something our policy makers have not yet figured out.

The greatest tragedy that can hit Filipinos now is to expect salvation with that proposed economic reform ? only to end up with our economy being controlled by those who plundered and pillaged our country and those who operated jueteng and sold our children illegal drugs.

Beware the Greeks giving gifts warned Cassandra when the Trojan Horse was offered. The Trojans did not heed their princess-seer and became an extinct nation.

Filipinos should beware when the greedy offer us economic reform. #


Message from jail

THE FOLLOWING is a message supposedly written by Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim and sent out from his prison cell. It was forwarded to me by e-mail by my good friend Bambit.

After reading the message I felt compelled to post it in my blog. †I was, however, half-hearted at first because I do not want my blog to be identified with anything to do with politics. †This is, after all, A ‘wonderful’ blog.

But I belong to the so-called ‘silent majority’ who is sympathetic to Gen. Lim’s cause. †And I am as frustrated and furious as everyone else on the growing culture of impunity that has characterized this government. †Maybe it’s about time the silent majority breaks its silence.

I am still having second thoughts, though. †Should I or shouldn’t I? †The urge to post this message is quite strong so perhaps for now, even just for once, I’ll give in to the prompting of my inner voice. †


“Not only to listen but to march”

– Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim

We are a nation divided. Peace, unity and development continue to elude us because we have a president bereft of moral or legal authority to lead. She had, in fact, become the greatest continuing threat to the security, cooperative spirit, well-being and sense of Nationhood of the Filipino people.

A†true leader is a symbol of unity and a rallying figure especially in difficult times. A bogus leader is divisive and stays in power to the detriment of the common good and the National interest.

GMA continues to inflict herself on our hapless people. In the process, scarce government resources are squandered to buy for her dubious loyalties, institutions are prostituted to project a sham imprimatur to an immoral governance, public service has evolved into a buffet of graft and corruption, and morals, values, accountability and responsibility have been reduced to mere flamboyant phrases. She destroyed the very concept of truth as the foundation of every act of government.

We find the country today in deep turmoil. Oppression, corruption and injustice rule the benighted land. Internecine struggles threaten to dismantle the republic. Widespread poverty robs people of their dignity and drives many to prostitution and virtual slavery in foreign climes. Hunger incidence is at an all time high and the country’s human development index is at an all time low. No wonder, an atmosphere of destitution pervades among our normally resilient and patient people. All of these were brought about by 8 years of unelected, hopelessly corrupt leadership and a slew of failed liberal economic and peace policies.

Long starved of good governance, the Filipino people should act now to reclaim their dignity, remove the pretender from power and steer this nation on the path to greatness. I echo, loud and clear, the call for radical reforms and restructuring. The call of the times is for us NOT ONLY TO LISTEN BUT TO MARCH.

November 30, a few days from now is National Heroes Day. Let us recapture the visions and ideals of our heroes and martyrs and give justice to their golden dream of National independence.

This country needs a leader of heroic and nationalist stature who would champion genuine independence in every aspect of our national life. He or she must be committed to challenging colonial economic masters and their local surrogates, abandoning obscene foreign debt payment policies, pushing industrialization, agriculture productivity and sustainable agrarian reforms, ensuring food and energy independence, and formulating a sound economic strategy anchored on the declaration that this country’s patrimony and all of our abundant resources are solely for the Filipinos to develop and benefit from. The current President is the antithesis of that leader. For her personal aggrandizement, she was willing to sacrifice the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by dismembering the Republic in the case of the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE) and the baseline issue, west of our archipelago.

The latest Malacanang sponsored machinations are designed to extend GMA’s discredited regime. Secretary Dureza’s prayer and the feigned reaction revealed it all. With no semblance of delicadeza, no less than her son is doing the rounds, spearheading a signature campaign that would eventually actualize their foul design. With a subservient congress which frustrates the impeachment process at every turn and some Supreme Court justices willing to do their biddings, then their coast is clear, our political fate is sealed. I dread the thought that our best bet is for GMA to die of old age.

Now is the time to grip hands and act! Enough is enough! #