Counting Stars by OneRepublic, cover by Johan Saculles (video)

A NO-GUILT plug for my kiddo’s great performance during the Summer Voice & Piano Recitals at Merville Sacred Heart School.

Please watch and share. Thanks.

And please bear with the bad lighting. That’s the lousy videographer’s (me) fault. :)

Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan!

Enjoying Andrew Lloyd Weber and Pepper Steak

JUNE 26, 2011.  Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, CCP.  My xxGF managed to see one of the only 13 runs of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber for the Manila leg of its Australia, New Zealand and Asia Tour.  As of this posting I believe the show just wrapped up its Singapore leg.

Which means that I can now write about it.  I try to avoid blogging about a show while it is still running so that I would not unnecessarily influence other people’s decision to see it or not.

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Christmas in Manila is like no other

Brightly lit and ornately decorated thoroughfares and buildings, colorful parols (Christmas lanterns), Tagalog Christmas songs… these are just some of the things that make Christmas in Metro Manila memorable and unique.

And they have all been captured in this approximately 10-minute video clip that I have stumbled upon just earlier today.

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You Tube is the future of Karaoke/Videoke

It’s happening. †More and more songs are now available in You Tube, complete with lyrics.


Incidentally, if you are a Beatles fan then you will love this link: † †It boasts of a huge selection of the greatest Beatles hits, with lyrics, for you to sing along with. †I am a Beatles fan myself, although I have to make the disclaimer that The Beatles are two generations ahead of me. Read more

Electrifying Guitar Music

ON JULY 1 I featured the blissful classical-pop violin and cello rendition of “Victory” by the sexiest string quartet around — BOND. †Now it’s time for another great classical-pop music, this time using the electrical guitar.

Recommended by my good friend and former colleague, Jojie Perez, who is currently living a charmed life in Singapore. †Thanks Jojie. †I am sure you are having a swell time all by yourself away from PH. 😀

Move over ‘West Side Story’; Here comes ‘Web Site Story’

Photo grabbed from "Website Story" on

Photo grabbed from "Web Site Story" on


HAVE YOU seen West Side Story? †Yes of course I am referring to the musical. †NO?!!! †Serious?!

Okay, don’t fret. †I haven’t seen it yet myself. †But maybe we don’t need to see it anymore. †I may have found something better.

Photo grabbed from the "Web Site Story" on
Photo grabbed from "Web Site Story" on

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‘You Tube’ Diva

THIS GIRL is wonderful! †She has a very sexy voice and really sexy eyes. †I first saw her in the blog of my blogging buddy, Sherwin De Jesus. †I’ve fallen in love with her music since. †I’ll bet you would, too.

By posting it also here in my blog I risk being ridiculed by hard-core bloggers who would probably say that I lack originality. †Never mind. †First of all I am not a hard-core blogger so why should I care? †Second, and more importantly, I blog to share things I find wonderful and this is definitely one of them. 😉

I’m Yours

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A ‘Wonderful Blog’ greets one and all ‘A Perfect Christmas’

IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY and all I want to do is wish that everybody is having a perfect Christmas. †Here’s Jose Marie Chan’s “A Perfect Christmas. †For those who want to sing along I also included the lyrics below. †Thanks to Google it took me less than three minutes to find both the music file and the lyrics to the song.†


a perfect christmas – jose marie chan


A Perfect Christmas


My idea of a perfect Christmas

Is to spend it with you

In a party

Or dinner for two

Anywhere would do Read more

‘Oh Holy Night’ Divine Renditions

WHAT DO Regine Velasquez, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion have in common? †This blog post’s title is, of course, a give-away. †They have all sung ‘Oh Holy Night’ beautifully and their wonderful renditions are all available on You Tube.

But you need not go to You Tube and search for them. †I’ve collected them for your listening and viewing pleasure here in A ‘Wonderful’ Blog! :-> Read more