Book for sale: Fast Lane: 50+ Years of Motor Sports in the Philippines

TO ALL the motor sports enthusiasts and/or book collectors out there. I just found about half a dozen pieces of the FAST LANE coffee-table book published by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) in 2005. The books are practically “new” and in perfect condition.

Front Cover of FAST LANE

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Extreme Trail Ride

Independence Day Extreme Trail Ride

What better way to commemorate Independence day than to enjoy the liberating feeling of communing with nature at the same time that you get to play with an awesome new toy?

That’s exactly what I did on June 12, INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I joined my boss and adventure master, Ed Delgado, and two others in my first real Extreme Trail Ride.  Our playground:  the vast network of foot trails in the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal.  Our toy:  the TX125, a super agile, powerful, and very easy to handle dirt bike designed and put together by my boss himself. Read more

Step aside Obama

JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS ago while the whole wide world was eagerly anticipating the making of the first black US President, another black made history in the high-octane world of Formula 1 racing.

Lewis Hamilton draws a lot of parallels with Barack Obama. †Foremost, of course, is the color of his skin. †While Obama is African-American, Hamilton is British-African. †Obama is the youngest elected US president. †Only 23,†Hamilton is the youngest F1 champion.

Hamilton also has an uncanny resemblance to another famous black prodigy — Tiger Woods. †My ex-girlfriend maintains that Hamilton has the upperhand in the “looks” category although Tiger obviously has millions of dollar-denominated pogi (good looks) points.

I was already rooting for Hamilton on his rookie year last year, where he should have been F1 champion. †Well. he almost was. †He was the league leader going into the last race of the season, but his lack of experience, youthful over-aggressiveness, and some bad luck stole the crown from him by a mere point. †His championship this year only proves that last year wasn’t just a fluke.

This early, Hamilton is already predicted to better F1’s most decorated driver to date, Michael†Schumacher†. †Even Schumi believes Hamilton can do it.