Stand up and live longer

Because sitting is bad for your health, that’s why.

I’ve always suspected that prolonged sitting is to blame for a myriad of health problems like back pain, stiff neck, and even obesity. I’ve always had a desk job and I have suffered from all sorts of problems that I attribute to prolonged sitting which is inherent to my job. Yes, including weight gain albeit I won’t label it as obesity just yet. Okay at 165-170 pounds, for my height, technically I’m borderline obese.

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Small daily aspirin dose ‘cuts cancer risk’

I find this article worth sharing considering the very alarming statistics on cancer deaths in the Philippines and worldwide.  Frankly, who needs statistics when it comes to the big, bad C?  Almost everyone is personally touched by this disease.  Do you know of anybody who does not know somebody — an immediate family member, a relative, a friend, an officemate, a classmate, and so on — afflicted with cancer?

I’ve been personally touched by this disease many times over.  My Nanay had two major surgeries due to cancer.  The first one cost her a breast.  I stopped counting the aunts and uncles, friends, and acquaintances who have died from cancer. Read more

“Play video games = Eat more fruits and veggies”

A US study found “that children who played certain ‘serious’ video games—not the blockbuster blood-and-guts ones like “Black Ops”—increased the amount of fruit and vegetables they ate per day by around one serving.”

IF this is true then Marielle and Johan will get to play video games as much as they want.  The operative word, of course, is IF. Read more

Jolly Trike — the next generation Jolly Jeep?

I had to roll down my car window the other night and snap a quick photo at the scene right in the middle of the “island” along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) just a meter or two from the Gil Puyat-Ayala intersection.

Not a few people were surrounding what seemed to me like a motorcycle with some sort of a side car.  Indeed it was a motorcycle with a sidecar.  But it was parked right there in the middle of the “island.”. And the people surrounding it were not about to ride it.  They were buying… FOOD!  They were eating right there and then, too! Read more

Driving causes Obesity. Seriously?

This one freaks me out.
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A study which appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine seems to have arrived at this conclusion.  The study found that users of the new light rail system in Charlotte, N.C.,  were 81 percent less likely to become obese.  Their Body Mass Index (BMI) also dropped by 1.18 points on average.  That’s the equivalent of about 6.5 pounds for a person 5’5? tall!

The study went on to deduce that people are significantly fatter in countries, states, and cities where car use is more common. Mass transit use, on the other hand, is correlated with lower obesity.

I drive a lot — everyday!  So is that why I am not able to lose weight in spite of all the diet and exercise regimes I’ve been slaving myself with?  Argh!  True or not I guess this is one other good reason to commute.

Our body’s MVP

The human body functions as a unit so it makes perfect sense to keep every part in good shape.  But just like any functioning system, some parts are more valuable than others.  To put it more graphically, lose a leg and you will still survive and even function normally to some extent.  But lose your heart, or your brain, and your are history.

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So which of our body parts are most valuable.  Here are your Top 5 Most Valuable Body Parts (in this order): Read more

Be Friendly, Be Healthy

I knew it!  Having lotsa friends is not only good for the soul, it is likewise good for the health.  And, believe it or not, there is scientific basis to this.

A study conducted by researchers from the Brigham Young University in the US found a correlation between survival chances and being friendly.  Survival odds can improve by as much as 50% by simply having a good network of friends and neighbors, the study found.

The explanation?  It is way too simple it is almost impossible to believe: The Utah-based researchers arrived at the conclusion that “caring about others makes us take better care of ourselves.”

Now here are the much more interesting aspects of the study: Read more

Lost: My Voice

If you happen to stumble upon my voice, please convince it to return to me the soonest.  It was threatening to leave me yesterday and, thinking it was bluffing, I called its bluff.  This morning when I woke up I realized it made good its threat and abandoned me.

How can I be my usual rude, grumpy, and whining self without my voice?


My laryngitis is driving me crazy.  And I fear that it is well on its way to becoming bronchitis or even pneumonia.  I can feel the thick, slimy, yellowish-and-soon-to-be-greenish mucus inside my chest.  Ew.  Every 2-3 minutes I also bark like a dog. The crackling sound of my cough tells me that a big chunk of phlegm must have broken free from the “main land.”  More ew.

A good friend sent me a DYI prescription via Facebook and I intend to give it a try tonight.  Hell, I’ll try anything to get my voice back!

I’ll quote her prescription as follows:

“…try healing with water.  Before you sleep tonight, gargle with mouthwash of your choice, or back to basics, warm water with salt.  Then wrap your neck with damp scarf, and cover with dry scarf.  When you wake up, remove the scarfs.  This assumes that the pores around your neck are open because of the warm cover overnight.  Wipe your neck with wet towel to close the pores.”

My good friend said she read it form a book.  She tried it and it works.  “Simple, inexpensive, yet effective!” she declares.

I sure hope it will bring my voice back.  I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

Correct Timing for Drinking Water

I don’t believe every tip and pointer I receive in my e-mail inbox. †But I always make it a point to save and re-post the sensible and useful ones. †This is one of them.

Apparently, there is a proper timing even to as mundane a task as drinking water. The more I think about it the more this advice makes sense. †So let’s give it a try! Read more

Web Browser, 15yo | How to ward off Swine Flu | Russian Proverb

browser_at_15A mighty lot of people spend a lot of their waking hours with this guy, Web Browser. †But did you know that Mr. Browser just turned 15? †He — or rather the world — celebrated his 15th birthday on October 13. †How? †With lots of surfing, I suppose.

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Procedures Recommended by Physicians to Avoid AH1N1 (Swine Flu)

The only portals of entry of the H1N1 virus are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it’s almost impossible not†to come into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is. Read more

Win7 vs. Snow Leopard | Treatment for Leptospirosis | Deadly Cockroach |


I found a very interesting article comparing the newly announced Windows 7 with Mac’s OSX Snow Leopard. †It is, of course, an inevitable face off, with the Snow Leopard winning the contest as far as the author is concerned. †I am inclined to agree. †But I am not exactly an objective juror so you should not take my word for it. †Read the article and see if you arrive at the same decision.



For all concerned, here’s an excerpt from an advisory from Medical City on how to treat or even prevent Leptospirosis. Read more