“The Machine”

“The Machine”

THIS IS one bad ass computer, capable of calculating 640TBs of data in one billionth of a second. W.O.W!

Talking of extremes! Do you comprehend how big 640TB of data is?  A terabyte is of course 1,000 GB. If you have trouble visualizing how big 640 TB is, then don’t even attempt to contemplate one billionth of a second.

If this ever goes commercial, it can revolutionize computing.

And I’m surprised that HP is behind it. I’ve never been shy in admitting that I am not a big fan of HP, but this “machine” may very well change that.

Read the full story in IFLScience.

Featured Image credit: HP/Engadget

How are Smartphones Being Used?

I FOUND this interesting infographic early this year (2012). It was based on an actual survey conducted in the US some time last year (2011).

I wonder if this is still accurate? If I use my personal usage of my iPhone as basis I know that text messaging is no longer the primary reason I use my smartphone.

I tried to rank and break down (rough estimate only) my smartphone usage, as follows:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn) – 20%
  2. E-MAIL, CHAT – 18%
  3. READING NEWS & FEATURES (News Sites, Tweeter, Feeds) 15%
  4. READING E-BOOKS – 12%
  6. TAKING PHOTOS – 8 %
  10. OTHERS – 3%

I wonder if it is still accurate and even proper to call smartphones as such. I am contemplating on proposing that we already drop the “phone” from smartphone and replace it with the more generic “handheld.”

But even smart handhelds may not last too long. I can imagine that in the not so distant future we may not even need to hold these devices on our hands.

So maybe we should start calling them the even more generic “smart devices”?


Infatuated with the iPad Mini; Drooling over the iPhone 5.

I GOT to touch and hold both the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 earlier this week, courtesy of my boss, Ed Delgado, who just bought his new “toys” in Singapore over the weekend.

The iPad Mini is so much lighter than expected. I knew all along it will be a lot lighter than the previous iPads (I have both the original iPad and the second generation iPad 2) but I didn’t expect it to be extremely light! Gee, it’s almost as light as my first-gen iPhone!

While in Singapore on November 8 Ed texted me to say that he just bought his new 16GB iPad Mini (WiFi) for just US375 and offered to buy one for me if I was interested. Read more

My favorite e-book reader

image credit: idownloadblog.com

I love reading my e-books on my iPad because to me it offers the best of many worlds insofar as reading books are concerned.

First, it feels a lot like reading a real book. Often I would even forget that I am reading on my iPad, so much so that I would try to grab the lower right corner to flip a page.

Second, it allows me access to any of my e-books on a whim.

Third it offers a lot of the sophisticated features: highlighting, bookmarking, built-in dictionary, font-size adjustment, etc.

And third, it is not just an e-book reader. It is also a browser, a gaming console, calculator, photo album, image editor, calendar, notes, and so on an so forth.

But the iPad is not my favorite e-book reader. Read more

Nokia is on the brink of death. Can you believe that?

NOKIA’s INTERMENT will happen sometime next year if the recently released List of 10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2012 by 24/7 Wall St. is to be believed.

The trouble is, 24/7 Wall St.. appears to know what it is talking about. Each year, 24/7 Wall St. regularly compiles a list of brands that are going to disappear in the near-term, and it’s batting average has been impressive in years past.

I have no trouble believing the ominous prediction for some of the brands in the list. MySpace.com, for instance, has been widely declared dead long ago and is just waiting for its funeral.

I only have apathy over several of the brands mentioned in the list because I hardly know them (e.g.  American Apparel, Soap Opera Digest).  They have little or no presence at all in this part of the world so I couldn’t care less.

But Nokia is a big shocker to me. Read more

Extreme DIY: Pizza Box Laptop

I AM A SELF-CONFESSED DIY freak but I’ll probably NOT go this far.  But I know a number of people who will.  Some of them have worked for or with me within the past decade.  Geeks!

This shows just how rudimentary a laptop computer is beneath the flashy and high-tech looking exterior.  Of course all the power are in those tiny chips in that green circuit board that we all call the Motherboard.

My latest iPhone apps ó 2nd of 2 parts

Iíve never been too much of a Game person ñ until the iPhone that is.† And for the 2nd serving of my new iPhone apps, it is no surprise that Games dominate the list.

But let me start with the one I find most useful for me in this set.

PS Mobile

This is Photo Shop on the iPhone.

Read more

My latest iPhone apps — 1st of 2 parts


DESTROYER is only my 6th iPhone game after DuckShoot, iSniper, Twistism (FREE version), Super Word Find (FREE version), and Online Chess (which I am yet to use; FREE version, too). †It’s a “no brainer” game, actually, but that’s really by design. †This is not a game to exercise creativity and boost IQ. †It’s designed for one and only one purpose: †to let off steam.

There’s a “real world” equivalent in a popular roadside restaurant in Tarlac. †It’s called “Taksiyapo!”

The real challenge is getting a photo of somebody you hate or has a grudge with. †After all you don’t normally take a photo of your enemies, or do you?

Read more

Is the Rubik’s Cube a geek’s toy or a nerd’s toy?


Contrary to what most people believe, nerds are not necessarily geeks, and vice versa. Which begs the question: is the Rubik Cube intended for the geeks or the nerds?

Thank goodness there is now the Rubik’s TouchCube, which should allow both the geeks and nerds among us to lay claim on the most successful toy of all times.

The Rubik’s TouchCube is a fully touch-sensitive version of the old and classic Rubik’s Cube. Read more

A gadget to die for: The world’s first 3D digital camera

I found this article from a Twit post, and since the article may be reposted I took the opportunity to share it here in A Wonderful Blog.

This is a truly exciting development and a genuinely revolutionary advancement in digital imaging technology. †I can’t wait to get my hands into this cool gadget. Read more