Apple finally found a worthy challenger?

PRESENTING… (drumroll)… the PEAR!


IT TOOK me a while to figure out what was wrong with the supposed MacBook on Carly’s lap in the photo.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when it finally dawned on me that the logo on her “MacBook” isn’t that of a bitten apple. So I guess that is not a MacBook after all.

Very subtly funny.

Nice one, Carly!

Super Weird But Kinda Cool Hotel Rooms!

HAVE you ever been to a hotel where the rooms look kinda odd? And by “odd” I mean any sorts of odd — crazy odd, creepy odd, surreal odd, watta effing odd, etc.

I am yet to try one myself. If and when I have the opportunity I would like to try some really weird hotel rooms, like those below.


For starters, here’s a creepy one. Will I sleep in this hotel room? Perhaps the better question to ask is, “Can I sleep in this hotel room?”

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Credit Card Spend Analyzer

I just noticed a new section in my RCBC Platinum Card billing statement called Spend Analyzer. I don’t know when exactly it was added. I also don’t know if the billing statements of other credit card providers have this, too.

This is a welcome development. An improvement, no doubt. I believe it offers very useful insights on credit card holders’ spending habits.

For instance, in this particular billing cycle shown in the accompanying screenshot image, I was so shocked to find out that I spent almost P11,000 for motoring. Was that all for fuel? Probably not. But it sure made me worried enough to prompt me to review my spend details.


“Casper Effect”

I FOUND these awesome photos on my xxGF’s iPad2 photo gallery the other day. I was like “Wow, that’s one neat photographic effect, right there!

The boy in the photo is, of course, our 6-year old Johan. But I have to admit that for a split second I thought I was looking at a photo of Casper. You know, Casper, the friendly boy-ghost.

Johan must have been playing with his mom’s iPad2 Photo Booth app when he created this special effect by chance. Now I need him to re-construct it for me.

I’m calling this accidental and cool photographic effect the “Casper Effect.”

The Star Trek Enterprise parked at Burj Al Arab?

DUBAI has this pre-occupation for building the tallest, grandest, and weirdest skyscrapers. And that’s not necessarily bad. In fact, thanks to Dubai, we derive a lot of entertainment from these structures.

Take for instance Burj Al Arab. It is easily one of the most recognizable structures in the world today. Apart from the fact that it is the only 7-star hotel in the world (and probably the most expensive coffee/tea as well), it apparently has other “secret” oddities to offer.

Now, just what do you think this weird appendage to Burj Al Arab is? Go ahead, hazard a guess? Read more

Finally, a decent enough electronic signature solution

EVERYBODY can probably relate to the difficulty in having to e-mail a signed letter.

I don’t know about you but these are the steps I usually do when I need to e-mail a copy of a letter (or any document for that matter) that requires my signature scribbled onto it:

  1. Prepare the letter using my favorite word processing software (hint: not Microsoft Word)
  2. Print the letter.
  3. Sign the letter.
  4. Scan the signed letter.
  5. E-mail the signed letter.

Five steps.  It doesn’t seem too bad, does it? Except when good old Murphy gets in the way and… Read more

USS Battlestar Galactica: Extreme Roller Coaster Rides

AMONG THE Universal Studios Singapore attractions, the ultimate “high” (pun intended) for thrill addicts like me are the twin Battlestar Galactica roller coasters in the Sci Fi zone.  After all, they hold the distinction of being the “world’s tallest dueling roller coasters.”

The blue and red are the interwoven tracks of the dueling Human and Cylon roller coasters of BattleStar Galactica in Sci Fi City of Universal Studios Singapore

Again, Johan was itching to try both but failed the minimum height criteria by a full half foot. Marielle couldn’t be coaxed into trying it even if her life would have depended on it. Marie had the convenient excuse of staying with the kids.

Truth be told, I was scared to bits.  But I knew I had to do it then and there.  It wasn’t like I could go to USS anytime I feel like it, you know. Read more

Cool Art Project: Tennis Ball Island

Cool Art Project:  Tennis Ball Island

I AM REALLY impressed with the creativity and imagination of the artist who did this. 

Look at how tiny the miniature couple and the coconut tree are in the third photo.

The artist apparently considers his work a sculpture.  I think it is more than that.  It is a miniature diorama showcased through great photography.

I can’t wait to make my “imitation” of this cool art project.


Check out the original post in Tennis ball island | Projects | Gear.

Whoa! Super Mario meets Chuck Taylor

I so want this pair of shoes!

The Super Mario Bros. video game turned 25 in 2010.  As part of the celebration Converse has teamed up with Nintendo to release a special series of sneakers.

Behold the limited edition Super Mario — Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers.

But there’s a major caveat.  I heard that these All Star Hi-Tops will be sold only in Japan.

WHY OH WHY?!  Super Mario is already a global brand so it is but fitting that they make this special pair of shoes available to all Super Mario fans worldwide.  I am hoping to score a pair for each of us in the family.  Marielle and Johan would surely love to have their Super Mario – Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers.

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“A toilet to die for”

WHO WOULDN’T wish for a toilet like this?  Tuck in the latest copies of FHM, Top Gear, Popular Science, and Time (in that exact order) in that shelf and this toilet would have been a typical middle-aged man’s Shangri-La.

There was a time I actually envisioned a toilet like this in my house.  But with the latest developments in technology my vision of my dream toilet has changed considerably.  Now all the extra fixtures I want in my toilet are a 6-slot universal power outlet and a foldable or stow-away table for my cellphone, laptop and/or iPad.

Add to that an uninterrupted access to at least 2Mbps of Wi-Fi signal and my new dream toilet would have been complete.  I am a simple man with simple dreams.

Extreme DIY: Pizza Box Laptop

I AM A SELF-CONFESSED DIY freak but I’ll probably NOT go this far.  But I know a number of people who will.  Some of them have worked for or with me within the past decade.  Geeks!

This shows just how rudimentary a laptop computer is beneath the flashy and high-tech looking exterior.  Of course all the power are in those tiny chips in that green circuit board that we all call the Motherboard.