Book for sale: Fast Lane: 50+ Years of Motor Sports in the Philippines

TO ALL the motor sports enthusiasts and/or book collectors out there. I just found about half a dozen pieces of the FAST LANE coffee-table book published by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) in 2005. The books are practically “new” and in perfect condition.

Front Cover of FAST LANE

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Driving causes Obesity. Seriously?

This one freaks me out.
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A study which appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine seems to have arrived at this conclusion.  The study found that users of the new light rail system in Charlotte, N.C.,  were 81 percent less likely to become obese.  Their Body Mass Index (BMI) also dropped by 1.18 points on average.  That’s the equivalent of about 6.5 pounds for a person 5’5? tall!

The study went on to deduce that people are significantly fatter in countries, states, and cities where car use is more common. Mass transit use, on the other hand, is correlated with lower obesity.

I drive a lot — everyday!  So is that why I am not able to lose weight in spite of all the diet and exercise regimes I’ve been slaving myself with?  Argh!  True or not I guess this is one other good reason to commute.

Emergency Car Kit Checklist. Seriously.

I thought I am just being OC (obsessive-compulsive) because I have the compulsion to stock on stuff in my car — ropes (the knot-tying kind), duck tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, an ice-pick, a sewing kit, alcohol, baby wipes, all sorts of medicines, and hundreds of other odds and ends.

Turns out I am just being a defensive motorist. (Take note that I didn’t say “defensive driver,” although I am that, too!)

In their January-February 2010 issue of DRIVE newsletter, AAP featured their recommended Emergency Car Kit Checklist (page 3).  Guess what?  Most of the items in their list have already been permanent residents of my car. Read more

Auto Quiz: Which is America’s All-Time Best Selling Car?

best-selling-carHERE’S a trivia question for the car-crazed like me: †Which is America’s (and probably the world’s) best selling car of all times?

a. †Ford F-Series

b. †Ford Taurus

c. †Toyota Camry

d. †Honda Accord

Okay I’ll give a clue. †This is a trick question. †Well, kind of, that is. Read more