Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

DURING OUR family’s visit to General Santos City and South Cotabato last month (May 24-25) we got to visit the famous Seven Falls of Lake Sebu, courtesy of our good friends: Kuya Bob Gerada and the still honeymooning couple, Ryan and Liezel Briones.

Marielle and Nikka as they are about to take off in tandem.
Marielle and Nikka as they are about to take off in tandem.

Needless to say, Marielle (almost 11 yo) and Johan (9 yo) were ecstatic to find out that another zipline adventure awaited them in Lake Sebu.

And this is no ordinary zipline for two important reasons: Read more

Revisiting PAHIYAS

I WAS married for just about half a year when I went to see my very first PAHIYAS Festival in Lucban, Quezon in May 2001 with my former girlfriend and now permanent ex-girlfriend, Marie. So I guess you can say that PAHIYAS was a big part of our HONEYMOON.

As you can see from our photos, the PAHIYAS seems an ideal event for honeymooners to go and see. At least it seemed that way to us some 11 years ago. :) Read more

Missing Sagada

I FIRST visited Sagada with my xGF and our good friends, Eden and Justin Salimbot, way back in 2001.

I immediately fell in love with Sagada and vowed to visit it again in the not so distant future.

Well, it’s been 11 years. There had been attempts – or at least plans – to revisit Sagada in the past few years, but one way or the other it wouldn’t come to fruition.

Maybe what it takes is to get Eden and Justin to go with us again.


I wonder how much – or how little – the place has changed in the past decade. I do hope it hasn’t changed much. After all, the allure of Sagada is its ancient and timeless beauty. Read more

Laughter and Gossip at Tapella. And food, too.

I haven’t been doing much of FOOD blogging for quite some time now. In fact I haven’t been doing much of ANY blogging at all since November last year. Time to break the dry spell. And what better subject to break a dry spell than food?

On Sept 28 I had a dinner date with five ladies at Tapella in Greenbelt 5. They are former colleagues of mine and I call them the xACIS ladies. Of course one of them happens to be my xGF, too. Read more

Time Capsule

IT’S AMAZING how a single photo captures the timeless bond among old friends wearing their younger faces.

These are the wonderful men and women of ACI Systems Inc.

This serves as the an electronic time capsule for each and every ACI alumnus to go back to in the many years ahead.


Note to all fellow ACI alumni: I’m thinking of a project to collect photos from the good ol’ days for compilation into a single easy-to-access and easy-to-share online location. Anybody interested to “sign up” into this project with me? I have some initial ideas on how to do it but I look forward to hearing yours.

Register your suggestions and any inputs by leaving a comment below. Or e-mail me at bong.saculles@gmail.com.

Air Mail what?

MY FRIEND Karen would probably kill me for blogging about this. But I’ll do it anyway.

We had a funny exchange over a FaceBook status she posted on her wall very recently.

Being in a cold and desolate place away from her friends for about a year already she is asking — make that begging — her FaceBook friends to send her snail mails. Can you believe that? Read more

My first (and probably last) attempt at Wedding Photography

AUGUST 13, 2011. Our good friend, Liezel Jean Gerada finally tied the knot with long-time love, Ryan Briones. Theirs is a love story made for soap operas.

Their wedding day has two profound significance: (1) It was the realization of a “Love Worth Waiting For”… and (2) it was my first real attempt at Wedding Photography. Read more

A rare reunion. A send-off for Dyk.

Exactly a month ago today, I attended a rare and almost impromptu reunion with former colleagues and good friends from my ACI/IBM days.  A very dear friend, Dyk Raymundo, was to leave the country for New Zealand in less than two weeks.  He’ll be joined there by his wife Jen shortly after and, together, they’ll try and establish a new life for themselves in the land of the Kiwis.  For good. Read more

Life after MBA

Bobby Bernardez, a former classmate of mine in the MBA program of UP Diliman (Evening) Class 2006* dropped me a direct message in FaceBook last November.  “How’s life after MBA?” he asked.

The UP-MBA Housemates, circa 2005. MBA survival tip no. 1: you have to have an inner circle / support group. Mine was (still is) the HOUSEMATES!

It was a pleasant surprise for me.  Bobby and I were in different “circles” in our MBA class so we are not really “close.” I remember him to be among the more serious students in our class. He would actively participate in class discussions and lead his teams in preparing and presenting ca studies.  We do have one thing in common.  We were both among the “senior citizens” of UP-MBA (Evening) Class 2006.

Read more

Be Friendly, Be Healthy

I knew it!  Having lotsa friends is not only good for the soul, it is likewise good for the health.  And, believe it or not, there is scientific basis to this.

A study conducted by researchers from the Brigham Young University in the US found a correlation between survival chances and being friendly.  Survival odds can improve by as much as 50% by simply having a good network of friends and neighbors, the study found.

The explanation?  It is way too simple it is almost impossible to believe: The Utah-based researchers arrived at the conclusion that “caring about others makes us take better care of ourselves.”

Now here are the much more interesting aspects of the study: Read more

Reconnecting with long-lost friends, courtesy of FaceBook

How time flies!  My High School graduating class — AAIC Batch 1987 — will be marking its 25th year anniversary in 2012.  I made this realization 2 years ago and, as the Class President of our class, I felt it my responsibility to at least attempt to locate my high school buddies.  Naturally I also toyed with the idea of organizing what would have been our very first class reunion. Read more

Good, Better, Best


“Good, better, best” used to have an entirely different meaning to us a decade ago. †Burt, Dyk, JB, Poms and myself coined “good, better, best” as our not-so-secret code to describe our once-in-a-bluemoon escapades. †After weeks of hard-core, geeky work we would decide to paint the town red on Pom’s trusty old Honda Civic ESi. †As you might have guessed, “good” refers to the first stage of our 3-stage adventures. †“Best” is the ultimate stage, and though we might have bragged about a lot of “bests,” the truth is we often hardly reach that stage. †Either we were already all too drunk mid-way on “better” or our cash reserves had already ran dry. Read more