Now Reading: Over The Edge of The World by Laurence Bergreen

Now Reading: Over The Edge of The World by Laurence Bergreen

I HAVEN’T read a book for a long time, no thanks to Facebook.

But I am reading again, thanks to Ms. Lolita Delgado-Fansler of the Ala-Ala Foundation who personally recommended this book to me.

Over The Edge of The World is a non-fiction written like an adventure novel. And for a history addict like me, this easily falls under the “perfect book” category.

It narrates, in great, research-based details the events before, during, and immediately after the famous expedition to the Spice Islands of Ferdinand Magellan. This was during the great age of exploration, when half of the world was still an unchartered frontier by the leading civilizations of Europe.

I am naturally drawn — and hugely intrigued — by the book’s story primarily because of its central character, Ferdinand Magellan. Read more

My first e-book: STREET MATH


I FINISHED and published my very first e-book on February 15, 2012. Hurray! I am now officially a published author. I could not have done it if I took the traditional publishing route. But thanks to the advent o technology, particularly e-books, wannabe authors like me, can now get published quickly and inexpensively.

More about the merits and exciting prospects of e-book publishing later.

Now back to my first e-book. Actually, e-books (notice the “s”) because I published not one but two e-books simultaneously. You know how it is with me. I always tend to overdo things. That and the compulsion to always be different.


So why math?

First… well it’s a subject I’m quite comfortable with. Wait! I didn’t say I’m good at it. It’s just a subject I think I can talk about with a healthy dose of confidence.

Second… my lovely Nanay is a Math teacher, did you know that? She’s retired now, but prior to retiring she had been teaching math for more than 30 years (she now tutors my kids). I admit to the sentimental aspect of choosing math as the subject of my first published book. I dedicate it to best math teacher I’ve ever known, my mother. Naks! Read more

A few books I can’t seem to finish

AS A CERTIFIED bookworm, I devour a lot of books. And although I cannot really claim with perfect certainty to have finished every book that I have started to read (no matter how boring it is or how disinterested I turn out to be), I always finish a book somehow owing to my sincere belief that every book has a story to tell. I don’t have any recollection of a book that I have started but failed to finish reading.

Well that may no longer be a very accurate statement.

Just within the past three months I have started reading several books. At least three of them (maybe four) seem to pose a real threat to my conviction to always finish any book that I have started reading. These are… Read more

On Lance Armstrong: It’s Definitely Not About the Bike

Early in September, when the controversy surrounding Lance Armstrong was just starting to heat up (again), I found out that I have a copy of his autobiographical book, “It’s Not About the Bike – My Journey Back To Life” on my iBook library. I decided that it would be the best time to read it.

It was a very engaging book and as usual with books that I really enjoy reading, I finished it in just a few days.

It is hard to reconcile, however, what you read in the book and the controversies presently hounding Lance Armstrong, especially in light of the more recent developments that would seem to seal Armstrong’s fate insofar as his biking career is concerned.

I guess I can easily agree with the title of Armstrong’s book. It’s really not about the bike. I’ll push the debate further and hazard saying that it’s not even about the dope, although, obviously that’s what brought the great man down.

Read more

My favorite e-book reader

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I love reading my e-books on my iPad because to me it offers the best of many worlds insofar as reading books are concerned.

First, it feels a lot like reading a real book. Often I would even forget that I am reading on my iPad, so much so that I would try to grab the lower right corner to flip a page.

Second, it allows me access to any of my e-books on a whim.

Third it offers a lot of the sophisticated features: highlighting, bookmarking, built-in dictionary, font-size adjustment, etc.

And third, it is not just an e-book reader. It is also a browser, a gaming console, calculator, photo album, image editor, calendar, notes, and so on an so forth.

But the iPad is not my favorite e-book reader. Read more