I found and grabbed this image from a much-shared post on Facebook many months ago.

It is a trivia from Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

It gives a historical origin on why the letter “X,” particularly when used in documents or correspondences, is taken to mean “kiss.”

I didn’t know that.

I do know that X means kiss, but didn’t know when, where, or how it started.

What I am aware of is that most young people actually know that X means “kiss” from “XOXO” which means hugs and kisses, where X = kiss and O = hug.

X in this case, however, has a more contemporary etymology. X and O from a bird’s eye view look like 2 people kissing and hugging, respectively, in the pop culture of emoticons.

If you come to think of it, this trivial fact casts an entirely different light on XXX, don’t you think so?


On Cloud 9

I’m quite pleased to have found this result of a recent Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) survey.

It validates my strong belief about the eventual mainstream adoption of cloud computing. In this survey, respondents cited lower total cost of ownership as the number one benefit of moving to the cloud, followed by anytime, anywhere access. The same benefits that I was hoping to reap for my organization when we went to the cloud several years ago.

I remember how, until just a few years ago, I used to get anywhere from funny to condescending looks whenever I would passionately talk about the merits and prospects of cloud computing.

I am among the few early adopters of cloud computing concepts, at least in the Philippines. And I did not just believe in cloud computing. I put it into practice. I did not take tentative steps with it, either. I went “all the way” from the onset. Whereas most other “cloud” proclaiming CIOs were cautiously testing the waters by running web-based applications on on-premise web servers, I have all of the mission-critical systems in my organization running efficiently, securely, and robustly in server farms in undisclosed locations probably on the other side of the world.

The naysayers had been warning me about security issues mostly, particularly data loss or data theft. Well it’s been almost 5 years since my organization crossed the rubicon and we are yet to encounter any serious security threat. There had been issues, I will not lie, but if you come to really think of it, they are none the worse compared to the myriad of issues I had to deal with prior to moving in the cloud, security among them as well.

So allow me to relish a sense of satisfaction as I can now truly say — “‘Told you so.”

Source: The Buyer’s Guide to Financial Management Software (The 10 Essentials of an Effective Financials Solution)

How to make a perfect Facebook cover page and profile photo

FOR ALL the Facebook addicts out there, here are the secret measurements to making  your perfect Facebook cover page and profile photo.

I got this from this cool article: The Ultimate, Complete, and Final Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you want to make a career out of your Facebook account, you better check out this website as it offers more precious Facebook secrets and much more.

Stand up and live longer

Because sitting is bad for your health, that’s why.

I’ve always suspected that prolonged sitting is to blame for a myriad of health problems like back pain, stiff neck, and even obesity. I’ve always had a desk job and I have suffered from all sorts of problems that I attribute to prolonged sitting which is inherent to my job. Yes, including weight gain albeit I won’t label it as obesity just yet. Okay at 165-170 pounds, for my height, technically I’m borderline obese.

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When somebody throws a tomato at you, remember this!

When somebody throws a tomato at you, remember this!

Have you been a victim of a “tomato bomb”?   Or have you ever thrown rotten tomatoes to unsuspecting targets yourself?

Photo Credit: virginmedia.com

Did you know that throwing rotten fruits or vegetables, most often tomatoes, is one of our oldest forms of expression?  It’s okay if you didn’t know.  I didn’t know, too.  Until now, that is.

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Understanding Credit Card numbers

Have you ever wondered what your 16-digit credit card number means?  Well, collectively (that is, as a 16-digit number) it means nothing except that it is a unique number assigned to you so you can go ahead and spend all your hard-earned income long before you actually earn it.

But break it down into four parts and you’ll be surprised how complex a number it is. Read more

How the Germans Celebrate Christmas

Not unlike in the Philippines, Christmas is already in the German air before December although the season officially begins with the Advent.

The tradition of  the four red advent candles adorned with a wreath made of holly, with each stick lighted every Sunday, is also observed in Germany.  However, whereas in the Philippines this tradition is done only in Catholic churches on each of the four Sundays of Advent, in Germany it is done in every home, with the candles and wreath placed on the dining table.

German kids excitedly await December 6.  It is Nikolaustag, the day St. Nicholas spreads the cheer with candies and sweets. Read more

How the Norwegians Celebrate Christmas

Photo Credit: eeagrants.org

Christmas in Norway is quite similar to those in the colder parts in Europe particularly in Scandinavia.  It is typically enveloped in snow and there are sparkling Christmas lights all over the place.

Norwegian’s celebration of Christmas does not center on Jesus Christ nor St. Nicholas, although Norway does have its Christian holiday traditions such as the Advent, the Nativity, etc.

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Wanna blog? Use WordPress.

For those contemplating on starting a blog — or even putting up a Website (be it for business or pleasure) — I highly recommend WordPress.

I have used WordPress since I started blogging about 3 years ago.  Aside from my blogs (yes I maintain a number of them) I have put up and am maintaining at least half a dozen Websites all running on the WordPress platform.  I even recently set up a couple of e-commerce sites, also on WordPress.  Btw, NO PROGRAMMING SKILLS REQUIRED! Read more

Learning FaceBook

I haven’t heard of anybody needing to enroll in a course to learn to use FaceBook.  But if you believe you are an exception then here is a good place to start.

Please note that you will need to have an account with Alison.com to enroll in this course.  But no worries.  Alison.com online courses are FREE, at least it was the last time I checked. Read more

Top Philippine Websites

This list shows that more and more Filipinos are turning to the Internet for local content like news and stuff to buy.  (Note:  Please do not confuse with list of most visited Website by Filipinos which is currently topped by FaceBook.)

Image grabbed from www.topphilippinewebsites.com

It would be very interesting to find out how sulit.com has clinched the no. 1 spot, in the process toppling the news and media networks who have lorded over local Internet traffic for the longest time.

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