This craze called Oktoberfest and my theory about the fuzzy relationship of beer and cleavage

I DIDN’T really understand all the excitement about Oktoberfest until I saw these photos from an article on The Telegraph (via FlipBoard on the iPad) announcing the opening of Oktoberfest 2011 in Munich, Germany.

Now I at least have a little appreciation of why men from all over the world are drooling to experience it.

As for the ladies… well, I guess they love the idea of drooling men. After all, beer possesses this wonderful effect of making all women look uniformly gorgeous. That’s not to say that the ladies going to Oktoberfest are not gorgeous, however. Judging from these photos lots of them are, in fact, blissfully gorgeous.

What is still fuzzy to me, however, is the significance or connection of cleavage to beer during Oktoberfest. Surely, for something that’s been going on for ages there must be a scientific explanation to it.

After downing a few bottle of beers I guess I’m ready to give it a try (postulating a theory, that is). Read more

The horniest animal that ever lived

Kosmoceratops: A very horny animal

No animal — living or extinct — can be any hornier than a dinosaur called the Kosmoceratops.

Even hornier than a bull in heat?  Absolutely.   Even hornier than people who watch “scandal” video clips?  Wait! What do you think I am talking about. Read more

Too sexy for my blog: 33+ Inappropriately Sexy Ads

“SEX SELLS!” is probably the most irrefutable law of advertising.  But what if ads get too sexy, like these 33+ Inappropriately Sexy Ads compiled by Bored Panda?

We don’t know if these sexy ads really helped in selling the products they’re supposed to sell.  But who cares?  We’re just interested in the “SEX” part of the ad, are we not? Read more

Apple Ad | Golf Humor | A Pissing Contest

Image grabbed from featured slideshow
Image grabbed from featured slideshow

I saw this old Apple Ad from a featured slideshow presentation in †Now just imagine if this ad goes out now but for the iPod Nano? LOL. †Click here to see more old and funny tech ads.

It’s important to take note though that we now find the gadgets and gizmos featured in most of these ads funny because we tend to compare them with the technology and gadgets we know today. †I can imagine that these featured gadgets and gizmos were the geekest and the coolest way back then.

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‘Happy New Year’ from my naughty friends

happy_new_yearI RECEIVED about a dozen naughty ‘Happy New Year’ greetings via SMS from some of my closest pals. †Unfortunately most of them are too obscene to post in this blog so I had to do a tedious screening and censorship process that reached up to two and a half days (which gives me a convenient excuse for publishing my New Year blog entries just now ;-> ).

At the end of the screening and filtering process I ended up with only two. †Here they are: Read more