The meanest and funniest prank

THIS IS a very mean prank. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the people targeted by this prank. At the same time I was rolling on the floor laughing all throughout the duration of the video clip. I guess, I’m bad. But so are you, I bet. 😀

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Two and a half hours of pure laughter

Just want to share this You Tube treasure I recently found.

Warning!: addictive material. May pose health hazards including bumps and scratches (from rolling on floor while laughing), and locked jaw and bloated belly (from laughing out loud).

Note: Video clip may not load immediately on some browsers. If video clip doesn’t load immediately, please refresh/reload page. Thanks.

Nose Bleed Wall Clock

Whoever designed this clock is either a hard core mathematician or a certified nut case. Maybe both?

I think I know a few people – other than myself, that is – who may actually think of something like this. If you feel alluded to, then you are probably right, LOL!

What time is it anyway? Please express your answer as a decimal number with no more than 3 decimal places. Round up to the nearest thousandth if necessary.

Bong and Johan: Football Superstars

JUST FOR FUN, Marielle superimposed photos of me and Johan in this photo (using Photofunia). And then we all had a good laugh about it. My ex-girlfriend commented that I actually look good when morphed into a a football superstar’s physique. Haha, was that wishful thinking on her part? Maybe I should start playing football.

The Software Solution to Making Idiots Smart

HAHAHA I find this very amusing. It would be great if it actually works. With deft image manipulation I guess Photoshop experts can actually make idiots LOOK smart.

With more and more of man’s common and daily tasks being automated by technology I won’t be surprised if technology is actually making us more idiots instead of smarter.

The anatomy of gossip

THIS IS so true. Or probably reality is even worse than this. Not only do people reneg on their promise not to tell, they also embellish the facts – whether deliberately or not.

What I am extremely curious to know about is how Social Media plays into this. What role does gossip have, if any, in the age of Social Media? Or should it be the other way around? – What is Social Media’s role in the anatomy of gossip?

Some quarter of a century and 50 pounds ago

HERE’S another recent find I made from my pile of old documents and photographs. This one is already in a very bad state. A couple more years and I may not be able to salvage it anymore.

Hey that’s my ever cool Nanay Paz, looking like she was going to the “disco” with that skinny, drug-addict-looking guy beside her.

But wait… that skinny guy is… was… ME!



Not my idea of a zoo tour

I ALWAYS seek opportunities for close encounters with wild animals but this one doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Sure the cage must have been built sturdy enough without the possibility of collapsing, but still…

On the other hand, it may well be one hell of a thrill ride especially if I will be joined by some of my equally crazy and thrill-seeking friends. Dare to join us?

But first we need to figure out where this zoo is. Do you know?