World’s Largest Solar Panel Farms

DO YOU know where the largest solar panel farms in the world are?

It should interesting to note that most of the biggest solar panel farms are found in the US, including the top three, four of the top five, and five of the top 10.

US is closely followed by China with the fourth biggest and three of the top 10.

biggest solar panel farm

Completing the Top 10 are Canada (#10; it was the largest just back in 2010!) and Crimea (#8) in Ukraine (or should I now say “in Russia”?).

I was expecting to see Germany in the list because I read a recent article saying that Germany is now producing around 50 percent of its electricity needs using solar panels.

Read the full article here: The top 10 PV Solar power stations in the world |

Featured image credit: Sempra Energy
(Mesquite Solar Project, Arizona USA )


THE EXPONENTIAL growth in the adoption of solar energy is a great leap for the promotion of alternative sources of energy. Although the cost of setting up solar power farms is still beyond the reach of most countries, solar energy remains to be one of the most viable alternative sources of energy. That it is renewable – and essentially limitless – just makes it so much better.


IS SOLAR energy possible in the Philippines?

I surely hope so, even if it is in a much smaller scale.  I don’t foresee huge solar panel farms like those shown in the above article. We don’t have large deserts which appear to be the ideal location for these solar panel farms. But we can certainly use roofs of homes and buildings.

We have other potential sources of renewal energy, however. We have wind. Let’s expand the Bangui windmills in both directions and litter with windmills the entire western seashore of Luzon.

Ocean/Sea current should also be a viable source of renewal energy for the Philippines since we have one of the longest shorelines in the world. #


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