Don’t share stupid Filipino-bashing Singapore blog; Report as offensive instead.

HAVE you read it already? Most probably yes. If not yet, then you’re lucky. Don’t go looking for it, it’s not worth your time.

I’ve read that stupid hate-blog from Singapore a few nights ago when I was in Siem Reap (Cambodia) with my family.

share_baitBasically, it calls us Filipinos all sorts of offensive names and attempts to encourage other Singaporeans to discriminate against Pinoys in Singapore.

What was my reaction?

I was so angry I almost shared the link with my furious response. It’s a good thing I was too tired doing “temple runs” all day that I simply did not have the energy to write a  response.

Also, I know better.

It is a “share bait.”


The more technical term is “link bait.” LINK BAITS are what online marketers – as well as trolls – use to make their posts viral.

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The more we share that stupid blog around, even with our angry response,” we are actually “promoting” that blogger and possibly helping him/her make money. Of course, oftentimes our natural knee-jerk reaction is to click the share button and vent out our extreme displeasure.

P—– I–!

Go ahead with the invectives and release that seething anger in your chest.

But do not click your share button. Do not share the link to that stupid blog. Because that’s actually what that stupid blogger wants you to do.


SHARE THIS LINK from our friendly, Philippine-loving blogger instead. It is his response to that stupid blog.

I’m sure you remember this good-friend-of-the-Philippines blogger. He has said many pleasant things in his blog. He is the same blogger who responded in defense of the Philippines to that other stupid blogger from Europe a few months ago.

I believe his response is as best as any Filipino could. In fact, I would say that his response hits the mark perfectly, and probably even more appropriate than those coming from many of us true-blooded Pinoys. It is very level-headed, too.

If there’s a blogger who deserves being promoted by Filipinos it is this one, NOT that stupid Singapore blogger.


To be honest, my first reaction (which I actually wrote before deleting it) is full of NSFW invectives that my parish priest would probably nominate me for excommunication if he read it. That is, if he didn’t read that stupid blog from that stupid blogger first, in which case he probably would have uttered those same invectives himself. Oh btw, before deleting my initial reaction I counted the P.I.s I wrote. Thirty three! Tatlumpo’t tatlong malulutong na p—– i–!!! (Thirty three crackling sonnafavitches!!!)


Lastly, if you are itching to get even with that stupid blogger there are some better ways to go about it. I know some of you will have difficulty letting this one go without being able to inflict some “harm” to that stupid blogger. So let’s harm him alright.

If you strongly feel about doing something to “harm” that stupid blogger, report his post as offensive instead.

CLICK HERE to report this offensive Singapore blog and its presumably Singaporean blogger.


TOO, LET us avoid getting down to the stupid Singapore blogger’s level. Avoid making racial generalizations.

I’ve met and worked with many Singaporeans in the past and they are mostly nice and friendly people.

We don’t even know for sure if that stupid blogger is indeed Singaporean. He/She maybe just a shrewd and enterprising blogger (and I meant that in a derogatory way) who is just riding on to some Singaporean’s ill-informed concerns and the well known balat sibuyas (Onion Skin: a Filipino idiom denoting someone who easily gets offended) of many of us Filipinos.


Tandaan (Reminders):

(1) Ang pikon talo. (Remember: He who loses his cool, loses.)


(2) Talo ka na agad kung mas guwapo ka sa kasuntukan mo. (You’re already the loser if you’re better looking than your opponent [in a fist fight].)

Got it?!

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