On Cloud 9

I’m quite pleased to have found this result of a recent Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) survey.

It validates my strong belief about the eventual mainstream adoption of cloud computing. In this survey, respondents cited lower total cost of ownership as the number one benefit of moving to the cloud, followed by anytime, anywhere access. The same benefits that I was hoping to reap for my organization when we went to the cloud several years ago.

I remember how, until just a few years ago, I used to get anywhere from funny to condescending looks whenever I would passionately talk about the merits and prospects of cloud computing.

I am among the few early adopters of cloud computing concepts, at least in the Philippines. And I did not just believe in cloud computing. I put it into practice. I did not take tentative steps with it, either. I went “all the way” from the onset. Whereas most other “cloud” proclaiming CIOs were cautiously testing the waters by running web-based applications on on-premise web servers, I have all of the mission-critical systems in my organization running efficiently, securely, and robustly in server farms in undisclosed locations probably on the other side of the world.

The naysayers had been warning me about security issues mostly, particularly data loss or data theft. Well it’s been almost 5 years since my organization crossed the rubicon and we are yet to encounter any serious security threat. There had been issues, I will not lie, but if you come to really think of it, they are none the worse compared to the myriad of issues I had to deal with prior to moving in the cloud, security among them as well.

So allow me to relish a sense of satisfaction as I can now truly say — “‘Told you so.”

Source: The Buyer’s Guide to Financial Management Software (The 10 Essentials of an Effective Financials Solution)

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