Christmas is in the… skyscrapers


THIS IS not a particularly good photo if I must say so. However, considering that I took it with just my iPhone camera through my car’s windshield while driving on top of the Buendia flyover… I’d say it is not half as bad after all.

The Philippines is quite known for its long and elaborate celebration of Christmas and, for residents and regular visitors of Metro Manila, one good indicator that Christmas is already just around the corner is to look into the direction of Rockwell Center in Makati City at night.

For a number of years now, the edges of Rockwell’s skyscrapers are being adorned with lights. And with the addition of several new buildings in the past couple of years, the commercial complex is getting brighter and brighter each year.

Clearly, Christmas is in the air. And in Rockwell’s skyscrapers, too.

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