An unplanned dinner date at Yashinoya

20121213-225642.jpgTRUE it was unplanned. But that does not mean I – we – did not enjoy it, my ex-girlfriend and I.

20121213-225704.jpgIn fact we may have enjoyed it a little bit too much. We over ate. As usual. Forget about my diet.

I haven’t eaten in Yashinoya for the longest time. The last time was maybe 3 – or even 4 – years ago. Maybe more. I almost forgot how I liked Yashinoya food very much.

We went to the new Yashinoya restaurant in the newly re-opened section of Glorietta in Ayala Center, Makati, by the way. The date? December 13. A Thursday.

There was nothing special with the date. We were just supposed to buy some gifts. But we got hungry.

I liked everything we ordered. Especially the orange ice cream.

Oh, not all actually. The California maki wasn’t that great. It didn’t taste like California at all! I mean how can they call it California maki without a slice of ripe mango.


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